Building resilience in challenging times webinar at 2pm today!

Building resilience in challenging times webinar at 2pm Today!

Recognizing that there are many retailers struggling to figure out how to survive due to the Coronavirus crises, we’ve partnered with ShipStation to bring you a Building resilience in challenging times webinar and it will be live today at 2pm or available to replay straight after.

If you’re an offline business who has never sold online before, a business feeling the effects of the latest FBA suspensions or simply confused about how you’re going to get your business through the COVID-19 epidemic as smoothly as possible you really don’t want to miss this webinar that will be looking at how online sellers can navigate through these challenging times and how businesses can migrate to selling online.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How consumer demand and buying behaviour continues to change rapidly
  • The challenges and opportunities for brick and mortar stores
  • How to meet increased demand across different selling channels
  • The fulfilment options that will help you to give your orders moving
  • Turning fulfilment from a tick box into differentiation in the market

The webinar will be presented by Andrew Norman from ShipStation today and you only have a limited amount of time left to sign up here to watch live or receive a link to a replay as soon as the webinar is over.

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