Seller Central & Marketplace Web Services Amazon glitches fixed

Seller Central Amazon glitches the day and Marketplace Web Services Glitches fixed

Yesterday, Amazon merchants were hit with a raft of Seller Central and Marketplace Web Services glitches. Amazon say that these issues have now been fixed.

As sellers prepared for Black Friday they reported that they couldn’t list new inventory, or get seller central to remember stock adjustments. Sellers were also reporting overselling as out of date feeds are starting to be processed with greater inventory quantities than their latest feed. Others haven’t been able to do a stock update since yesterday afternoon.

All of the Amazon Seller Central and Marketplace Web Services Glitches should now be fixed, although of course the last thing you want to be doing in the middle of Black Friday is checking your stock levels displayed on Amazon are up to date. Even worse, if you discover you’ve oversold then processing refunds will eat up even more time.

Amazon have said that they will ‘mitigate’ any impacts on your account health directly caused by the Amazon Seller Central and Marketplace Web Services glitches. We don’t yet know if this will be automatic or if you’ll have to contact support to request leniency.

“We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve an issue affecting some sellers’ access to Seller Central and Marketplace Web Services (MWS) APIs. The technical issues have been resolved and we will mitigate any impacts on your account health that resulted from the issues.
New orders are now appearing in Manage Your Orders or via the MWS Orders APIs. We ask that you please process them as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your continued partnership.”

– Amazon

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I doubt this has been fixed. We experience database glitches again and again and again - item names get funky characters in the orders, prices both on vendor and marketplace get rollbacks, sellercentral news get a multiple-months rollback, item data gets rollbacks all the time and so on. Subtle details, but it looks like their whole database is becoming a mess, more and more over time. Maybe they caught a trojan and have to replace server after server after server, rolling out backups all the same time? Or there is a major hardware issue with their servers?

Frank • 29th November 2020 •