DHL warn ICS2 comes into effect on Monday with Brexit style shipping problems

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Everyone being ready for Brexit turned out not to be the case with ongoing issues with some carries still being a reality of post-Brexit life. Now, from next Monday, we also have ICS2 to worry about.

DHL are reminding their customers that the European Union’s introduction of ICS2 on the 15th of March 2021 is now only a week away. DHL say that to ensure you’re prepared, it’s critical that you’re providing accurate and complete data on your waybills and your Commercial / Proforma invoices, and that this data is provided electronically to DHL via your shipping tool.

Find out more before there’s a problem

RegisterIf this all sounds like a right pain in the ass then you would be correct, but it is vital that you ensure your shipper gets the information that the EU require if your parcels won’t once again be delayed or returned a la the Brexit fiasco. Speak to your shippers today to ensure everything is in place and…

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DHL Support documents

  • European (EU) Customs Import Guidance provides detailed information to support you in completing your Commercial/Proforma invoice. This includes guidance on providing acceptable goods descriptions on invoices and waybills.
  • EU Country Specific Customs Requirements provides details on EU country specific import requirements that are needed to help ensure smooth customs clearance in a particular country. Please be aware that including the receiver’s EORI number for B2B shipments will be mandatory for Germany from the 1st of May 2021.

What is the new EU customs requirement called ICS2?

ICS2 (Import Control System 2) is the new EU security declaration management system for goods destined for the EU Customs territory (both the final destination or just transiting the EU, Norway or Switzerland). From its introduction on 15 March 2021, certain data elements will be required to be sent to the EU Customs authorities prior to loading at the country of export on a flight into or transiting the EU, Norway or Switzerland.

What do you need to do to be ready for ICS2?

Ensure that complete and accurate shipper and receiver details (including the receiver’s full name), along with detailed and accurate goods descriptions are included on your waybills and Commercial/Proforma invoice. This data needs to be submitted electronically to DHL via your shipping tool.

Wherever possible, detailed line item data should also be provided on your Commercial/Proforma invoice and submitted electronically via your shipping tool. This will help ensure that the shipment will not be flagged/delayed by EU Customs whilst additional information is requested.

How does ICS2 work?

Data will be electronically submitted to EU Customs before the shipments leave Great Britain. The critical data, referred to as ‘Pre-Loading Cargo Information’ (PLACI (7+1)) consists of the following fields:

  • Shipper Name (The original sender of the goods)
  • Shipper Address
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Address
  • Goods Description
  • Number of Pieces
  • Weight
  • Waybill

If all the relevant information has been provided correctly, EU Customs will automatically approve the shipment for travel to the EU. The purpose of ICS2 is security screening, rather than the submission of a Customs declaration, therefore, if the required data is not available and correct, the shipment may need to be held in the UK until the required data has been provided. It is therefore critical that data is provided correctly when originally creating your shipment paperwork.


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