Fruugo labelled one of the fastest growing companies in Europe

Fruugo labelled one of the fastest growing companies in Europe

The financial times have recently listed online marketplace Fruugo as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Fruugo has been listed as the second fastest-growing e-commerce site in the UK.

Being labelled as one of the fastest growing companies is down to Fruugo recording an absolute growth rate of 540% and an average growth rate of over 80% a year between 2016-2019, figures that don’t take into account the further growth it has seen throughout 2020. With localised sites in over 40 countries reaching over four billion consumers around the world Fruugo removes obstacles in cross-border trading and makes it simple for sellers to trade on the platform.

“Being recognised on the FT1000 list as the 2nd fastest-growing ecommerce site in the UK and 286th overall is a fantastic achievement for Fruugo. Digital transformation and the shift to online have been big movements over the past few years and these, coupled with the ongoing addition of high-quality retailers to our platform, have been key to helping our growth.”
– Tony Preedy, Managing Director, Fruugo

Cross-border selling

Recently Fruugo have been taking many steps in further streamlining the cross-border selling process for their merchants. As demand for ecommerce begun to rise more businesses were looking for opportunities to expand their trading opportunities.

This year their plentymarkets integration began allowing thousands of merchants to expand their sales internationally, without the complexities usually associated with cross-border selling. Using the Fruugo plentymarkets integration consumers can sell products to a new consumer base of more than four billion across the globe.

This month we’ve also seen Fruugo announce that they had given the stamp of approval to GS1 as a primary provider of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for its growing platform. GTINs allows customers to find the products they are looking for more easily, increasing the likelihood of relevant searches leading to purchases – that’s why the GTIN mandate has contributed to continuous sales growth on the platform.

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