Consumers favour brands who paid extra during Pandemic

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Vrity and Invisibly have joined forces to conduct a survey aiming to find out if consumers favour brands who treated their employees better during the Covid-19 pandemic. Interestingly, the findings showed that consumers do in fact favour those brands, including those who paid their employees extra.

Key Insights:

  • 72% of respondents are more likely to shop at a store that gave their employees extra pay during Covid-19.
  • 71% of respondents are more likely to shop at a store that pays $16 minimum wage compared to a $12 minimum wage.
  • Price and availability are still the leading driving factors for most purchase decisions, but how a retailer treats its employees is quickly rising as a deciding factor on where people shop — regardless of the consumer’s age.

Although these findings specifically mention retailers, it’s fair to assume consumers would feel the same about ecommerce brands. Especially when digital commerce has been a vital lifeline for consumers and businesses alike. Consumers favoring brands that show more compassion is not surprising considering the stress that has been and still is being faced.

The findings show that in order to be competitive in this evolving landscape, brands have to make it known to their customers that they are making an impact in the world and making it better. This is something that ecommerce giants are seen doing regularly. Seeing brands in a positive light makes all the difference whether that be by supporting staff, consumers, the economy or the environment.

“Being an altruistic brand is no longer just the morally responsible thing to do, it’s also the financially responsible thing to do. This research once again shows that consumers will go out of their way to support the brands that are making the world a better place.”
Jesse Wolfersberger, CEO, Vrity



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