Onsite search investment by OnBuy

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OnBuy say that they have delivered £5.5m of additional sales by deploying a suite of data science led search developments to the marketplace’s onsite search facility, with every pound made going to a UK retailer.

The improvements to the search function, which are rooted in ‘relevance science’ and incorporate updates to filters, analysers, and search suggestions which have vastly improved the customer experience, allowing consumers to find the right products, faster than ever before.

This latest enhancement is just one step in OnBuy’s road map to be the best choice for retailers, continuing to offer them added value at no added expense.

“We understand how many challenges retailers face, especially considering how other marketplaces directly compete with them, often ‘search rigging’ to prioritise the promotion of their own products. We don’t sell our own products and are here to exclusively support retailers, not go head-to-head with them. With OnBuy offering a ‘paradox of choice’, product discovery is crucial, and our new search developments help to surface more relevant products from thousands of UK retailers. As such, more products get found, and more products get bought.”
– Cas Paton, Founder and CEO, OnBuy

OnBuy doesn’t sell any of its own stock, the marketplace only makes money when its retailers sell goods. Therefore, naturally, with interests aligned OnBuy is investing heavily in developments that support its vendors.

OnBuy’s vision is to deliver an exceptional experience for its customers and its retailers. The new onsite search marks another milestone on their journey to change the face of ecommerce with a further roadmap of significant improvements and new integrations ahead that will solidify OnBuy’s position as a fearsome challenger in the market.

“With a fast-growing online marketplace like OnBuy, every development and improvement matters. £5.5m worth of increased sales from the first phase of improving onsite search demonstrates just how much potential OnBuy has for its retailers. We intend to revolutionise the ecommerce model and will continue to promote a fair and transparent offering for our vendors. This monumental development is a giant leap for unbiased online shopping, and there is much more we plan to achieve to benefit both retailers and consumers.”
– Cas Paton, Founder and CEO, OnBuy


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