Expanding Your Business to Europe with Amazon New Cross-Border Fulfilment Programs

In this session, you’ll learn more about Amazon’s Small Parcel Shipping solutions between the UK and EU, which will allow you to inbound inventory across the UK-EU customs border, opening up EU fulfilment programs to access millions of additional Amazon customers and boosting sales by up to 30%.

Amazon’s cross-border small parcel shipping programs will provide an end-to-end service to support you in easily sending inventory to one of our European fulfilment centres with faster delivery speeds and competitive rates. We’ll explain to you the details and differences of these solutions, allowing you to decide which one best fits your business goals.

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After selling on amazon for 10 years, I know how dangerous putting your business in the hands of Amazon is. Be careful of locating inventory in Amazons EU fulfilment centre - it will trigger vat for that country (in theory even if its 1 unit, rather than a turnover of 100k). The risk of having a run of crackpot buyers leaving bad metrics for you, and amazon suspending or limiting your account is a very realistic proposition , even if you are a diligent seller. Amazon's FBA service is in theory good, but be prepared for triple the returns you would see on ebay et al. Amazon will nearly always side with buyers in A-Z disputes, and this will further pressurise your metrics. Have amazon in your mix, but don't let it be over 10% in my opinion. As your business grows and you need working capital, requiring loans and personal guarantees, the crackpot rules amazon have will put immense pressure on you, and any suspension of your account will heighten the pressure.

JOHN • 23rd February 2022 •