Figment popcorn bucket has started a revolution on eBay

Figment popcorn bucket has started a revolution on eBay

It wasn’t long after the EPCOT mascot Figment popcorn bucket went on sale at Walt Disney World Resort that people started selling them on eBay for a much higher price.

Last week, anyone who attended the International Festival of the Arts could grab themselves a limited edition Figment popcorn bucket for $25. Right now on eBay, you’ll find that same popcorn bucket from anywhere between $60 and $200.

Limited items ending up on eBay for what some would consider a ridiculous price is nothing new. Most recently, scalpers have got their hands on graphics cards, PS5’s, Build-a-bears, and more but no matter how disgruntled it makes buyers, it’s perfectly legal so long as the seller is following the marketplace guidelines. What isn’t allowed on eBay is Price Gouging, where a seller increases the price of items to a level that is much higher than is considered fair or reasonable. With no set guide on unreasonable, it is hard to tell when a seller is truly in the wrong with a listing.

After Florida-based freelance editor and Disney fan Julia noticed the bucket frenzy, she decided to list a bad sketch of the Figment popcorn bucket and support her chosen charity, Habitat for Humanity. Unfortunately, the final bid fell through and she ended up having to cancel but to make up for it on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, at 12 PM ET, she will list 100 photocopies of the bad Figment sketch artwork for $10 each with the profit going to the charity.

Since the bad sketch listing more sellers have listed their own bad drawings of the bucket aiming to make a quick buck or support their chosen charities.

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