Kinguin launches NFT marketplace

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Global game and software key marketplace Kinguin are launching an NFT marketplace in partnership with Immutable X. Featuring 40+ collections and over 200,000 unique NFTs, it will give gaming and esports customers access to a vast array of exclusive NFT offerings.

The marketplace, built on top of the Immutable X protocol, is mixing the familiarity and practicality of web2 with the freedom and potential of web3. Kinguin offers its users the stability and security of an established digital goods marketplace. Some top NFT games like Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, PlanetQuest and Habbo Hotel will all offer NFTs on the marketplace, with more to be announced in the coming months.

Considering the amount of NFT marketplaces popping up it is unsurprising that Kinguin are jumping on the hype. But is the gaming industry the right place to push NFTs?

Gamers are not exactly shouting from rooftops about how much they love NFTs, and these are the people who have experienced the good, bad and ugly of buying and selling of digital items well before NFTs became a thing. Of course the ability to buy and sell NFTs as well as earn money gaming is great but is there a chance that some NFTs will create more identifiable social barriers online?

To a certain extent, micro-transactions are already creating barriers in the community. It means people who can afford it, can pay to enhance their gameplay, get to an end goal quicker, win or flaunt their in-game items. What makes an NFT any different?

We remain focused on our community’s interests and passions. With Play and Earn on the rise, this felt like the natural next step for us. We’re thankful to have partners that share our vision and we’re looking forward to working with Immutable X to offer our customers a range of exclusive NFT gaming assets. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Kinguin’s 13 million users to Immutable’s open order book, and help power the next generation of mainstream gamers to truly own their in-game items, This is an incredibly significant move — one of the powerhouses of digital goods trading from web2 is expanding their offering to NFTs, and they’ve chosen layer-2 Ethereum as the way to do it. We look forward to helping Kinguin scale this marketplace across hundreds of games and millions of players.

– Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder at Immutable.



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