Recommerce movement led by Gen Z

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eBay have published their latest recommerce report, revealing that Gen Z are leading the recommerce movement.

Gen Z are the group of people born between 1997 and 2012, this generation grew up as concerns over climate change became more prominent. Fun fact, back then you might have heard the term “global warming” being used more than “climate change” That’s because people were associating the word warming with warmth whereas weather disruptions caused by climate change are not limited to warmth but rather any unusual pattern of weather.

Although all generations contribute to the recommerce movement, 80% of Gen Z who were surveyed bought secondhand items and 1 in 3 began selling secondhand goods in the last year.

Selling second-hand is popular

Overall, 12% of people, regardless of age group began selling secondhand online in the past year. Those who have been selling secondhand products believe that recommerce will only continue to gain even more popularity among consumers in the coming years. Nearly three-quarters, 72%, of responding sellers believe that buying pre-owned has become more common in 2021. Moreover, approximately 64% believe that selling secondhand products has become easier in the past year, with 48% sharing they now sell more pre-owned goods than in the last several years.

Who’s buying second-hand?

We’ve established that Gen Z are driving the recommerce movement but what about everyone else? The results, based on purchases made in the last 12 months show that unsuprisingly Millenials (1981 – 1996) are next, with 78% buying secondhand, followed by 75% of Gen X (1965 – 1980), 70% of Boomers (1946 – 1964) and finally 62% of Post-War (1928 – 1945).

There’s an endless cycle of buying new because people aren’t making clothes that last anymore. But I’m not scared of wearing and washing my vintage finds because they’re high quality, and I value the benefits of reusing something rather than letting it go to waste.

– Matt West, vintage clothing collector


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