Sunday Deliveries could result in Royal Mail strike

Sunday Deliveries could result in Royal Mail strike

There’s trouble brewing in many unionised industries, largely all down to pay as the country sees an explosion in the cost of living. Latest is that Royal Mail workers could strike over Sunday deliveries, which are currently optional for workers but Royal Mail wants to make it a normal part of the job description.

Unions think that everyone deserves the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to despite unprecedented events such as the pandemic and war in Ukraine driving up prices. And in fairness, it’s true that many are really struggling and a pay rise is the only realistic way they can keep their heads above water.

Where it gets tricky with Royal Mail is that they have offered a pay rise but it’s tied into Sunday Deliveries. The CWU want to see a no-strings attached pay rise and don’t want it tied to compulsory weekend working.

At the moment only large companies can access Sunday deliveries from Royal Mail and workers can volunteer to work outside the OfCom stipulated Monday to Saturday standard of service. Royal Mail see the opportunity to delivery for small businesses on Sundays and that will mean they’ll need more workers than perhaps those currently willing to work all weekend. In return, Royal Mail have offered a 2% pay rise backdated to the 1st of April, another 1.5% from when the changes come in and another 2% bonus for hitting productivity targets. The CWU just want a pay rise for Royal Mail workers without it being linked to changing working hours.

Sunday deliveries aren’t new on the table, the framework agreement reached with the CWU back in December 2020 stipulated ‘exploring the opportunity for more frequent deliveries throughout the week, including Sundays’. It’s an inevitability of operating in a world of ecommerce and the only way Royal Mail can compete with competitor parcel delivery companies who already deliver 7 days a week.

Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson is due to speak with the CWU this week to avert strike action, but the CWO are spoiling for multiple fights with the Post Office already striking Tuesday this week. Royal Mail and BT are their next two big targets who could both see their works balloted on strike action within days.

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Most people work Monday-Friday 9-5. How are those people supposed to access the services they need if those services also run Monday-Friday 9-5? We need banks to be open on weekends and Royal Mail deliveries on Sundays.

Anna • 8th May 2022 • Reply to Anna

Are you prepared to work full weekends For a 2% pay rise. We do have families to spend time with. Expecting others to make sacrifices to meet your selfish needs say's it all.

Parvez • 24th May 2022 • Reply to Parvez