AliExpress pickup points expansion

AliExpress pickup points expansion

To promote a greener shopping experience, AliExpress is taking another step to reduce its carbon footprint by expanding its network of AliExpress pickup points across Europe. Since the service was first launched in March 2021, it has expanded to both Spain and France and has become increasingly popular for its convenience and environmental friendliness.

The AliExpress pickup points consists of both AliExpress lockers and pickup points with local partners, enabling customers to pick up their orders as an alternative to home delivery. The aim is to reduce AliExpress shopping’s carbon footprint and promote a greener shopping experience.

With an existing total of more than 36,000 AliExpress pickup points available in Europe, the aim is to have a total of 47,500 pickup points in Europe by the end of 2022. This might sound a massive footprint, but will be through partnerships with InPost (Poland), the Relais Colis and Mondial Relay (France) and Celeritas and PuntoMOX (Spain).

AliExpress intend to ensure the service is accessible to customers in 70% of key European cities with:

  • 15,980 pickup points in France (95% of coverage in key cities)
  • 11,600 pickup points in Spain (80% of coverage in key cities)
  • 16.000 pickup points in Poland (90% of coverage in key cities)

AliExpress say that the big benefits of pickup points are:

  • Generating 21% less carbon emission compared to delivery to homes
  • A significant decrease in delivery time
  • Zero failed delivery rate
  • A significant decrease in cargo dwell time

It’s certainly a fact that in cities people are not only often out at work or enjoying city life, but are also likely to be in close proximity of a pickup point that they can conveniently access compared to those that live in the country. Different solutions will be needed for rural areas to continue driving down emissions for greener deliveries.

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