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I’m going to a wedding later this year and apparently it’s really bad news for my bank balance – shockingly, Amazon Handmade have just revealed it’s likely to cost me in the region of £700 for all the frippery that goes with being a wedding guest. That’s a lot of dough and I hadn’t quite realised how expensive receiving an invite would be!

Amazon Handmade undertook a survey of 1,000 people planning on attending a wedding in the next year found the average person plans on spending an eye-watering £700.50 for just one single wedding. The breakdown is:

  • £102.70 on accommodation
  • £97.90 on gifts
  • £96.10 on outfits
  • £88.40 for travel
  • £84.90 on a hen or stag do
  • £80.40 on alcohol
  • £78.00 on food
  • An additional £72.10 on hair and make-up

Seeing as I’ve already coughed up £127.99 for the hotel, I’m already over budget and hadn’t even thought of most of the other expenses I’m going to incur!

There is some good news though, Amazon Handmade has launched a designated Wedding Store, which will feature unique, handmade, and personalisable wedding gifts for every budget.

With our research finding the average wedding guest plans on spending more than £700 for a single wedding this year, it’s understandable there will be worry about the potential expense, especially during the current cost of living crisis. Amazon Handmade’s new Wedding Store curates affordable wedding gifts, all from small businesses and makers, so it’s the perfect place to find something special for a friend or family member’s big day.

– Justine Gonsalves, Senior Category Manager, Amazon Handmade

The study also found that more than half (54 per cent) felt pressured to spend more money than they would like when attending a wedding, and one of the main expenses is a present for the newlyweds. It could explain why half (51 per cent) plan on wearing the same outfit if they are attending multiple weddings, and how going to more than one wedding within a year would also lead to more than half (53 per cent) spending less on gifts.

The most popular gifts include:

  • cash (29 per cent)
  • personalised gifts (22 per cent)
  • white goods such as a freezer or washing machine (19 per cent)
  • paying for part of the honeymoon (18 per cent)

Despite nearly a third going for the easy option of giving cash, there was a widespread appreciation of what personalised gifts can mean and represent to the happy couple. Exactly half of those polled think that a personalised gift shows they care more and it shows the couple gifting it that they like personalised gifts themselves – so they might receive something bespoke in the future.

At Amazon Handmade we’ve always prided ourselves in being a champion for small businesses and makers. With many people across the country planning to attend a number of weddings throughout the season, especially after the delays and backlog of the pandemic. Purchasing presents from Amazon Handmade is the perfect way to support small businesses while doing so.

– Xavier Flamand, VP Amazon Handmade EU


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