Amazon automated return exemptions reduced

Amazon automated return exemptions reduced

In what Amazon describe as ‘ensuring operational efficiency’ and a ‘consistent customer experience’, they are update select product automated return exemptions. What updating means, is shortening the list of products which are exempt from automated return authorisations.

From the 31st of August, Amazon will automatically authorise in-policy return requests on your behalf for the following selection:

  • Items classified as ‘hazardous goods’ by Amazon
  • Product subcategories Professional Medical supplies and Professional Dental supplies
  • Product categories Grocery and Wine
  • Product categories Video, Video Games, Software and DVD
  • Items classified as ‘hygienic’ by Amazon from product categories Baby, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care appliances

The reason that this matters is that many products in these classifications could well be returned in unsaleable condition. Whilst many products could still be sold as new, if packaging is opened or damaged for products in these categories, in many cases it could make the products unsaleable.

Some products will retain automated return exemptions and return requests of these items will continue to be sent to you for manual review and authorisation. For return requests in the following categories you’ll need to respond within 24 hours to a return request in order to keep your selling metrics intact.

  • Amazon Custom (customised products)
  • Handmade
  • Fresh cut flowers & bouquets
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