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Amazon have launched a Compliance Reference tool to help you manage your compliance obligations and stay up to date on changing requirements.

Compliance Reference provides information on compliance requirements for products, such as import or export regulations in the country you want to ship from or sell in. And on the requirements if your product is subject to Product Assurance requirements such as a toy, a baby product or contains a lithium battery.

At this stage, the tool doesn’t include all products with compliance requirements, such as dangerous goods, chemical products or food products. Amazon say that they will continue to add products to the tool in the next six months with updates announced whenever new categories are added.

In the Compliance Reference tool, you’ll need to choose:

  • In Where is your product shipping from, select the country from the drop-down menu.
  • In Where do you want to sell, select the country from the drop-down menu

You can then search using a keyword or product type to view a list of requirements will appear for selling the product.

Amazon Compliance Reference service partners

If you need support with compliance services, Amazon offer a list of approved third-party providers can support you in four key areas by providing auditing, certification, inspection and testing services for your products.

A product is compliant when it meets all regulatory requirements that apply to it. Regulations and safety standards are profuse and vary greatly across all consumer product categories and across all geographies (even to sub-geographies). They evolve and change, very often due to new products entering the market. Service Providers from the Service Provider Network can support you in navigating the compliance world by providing testing, inspection, auditing and certifications for your products.

– Amazon


An audit is the process of checking that compliance obligations have been met, including that the required inspections have been done.


Certifications ensure that your products, processes, systems or services conform to national and international industry standards and regulations.


Product inspection verifies the quality of your product at the various stages of the manufacturing process. It can help to identify any flaws or quality defects before your product reaches consumers. It also ensures that there is no major deviation from what the buyer ordered and what has actually been produced.


Product testing can be done on regulatory, safety and performance criteria. It allows to confirm whether your products comply with relevant safety standards or regulations. It can help you verify which raw materials are going into your product and whether it contains hazardous chemicals — it can also make you aware of any potential safety risks associated with your product.


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