It’s time to reboot EU Sales

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It seems a long time since the UK left the EU, and there have been countless changes since then, from leaving the single market and a new customs border, changes to the VAT regulatory environment, a pandemic, a war in Eastern Europe and ongoing supply chain challenges around the globe. It’s now time however to reboot EU sales and all of the tools to make it as trouble free an experience as possible are in place.

And this is the subject of our webinar with GFS, taking place on the 14th of September at 2pm, Bobbie Ttooulis, GFS Group Marketing Director, will walk through the changes that have taken place in recent years and explain how IOSS can streamline VAT compliance for the EU.

It’s not all about IOSS through, there’s still customs to take care of for imports so Bobbie will also cover the commodity data that needs to be electronically attached to each parcel explaining what HS Codes are and how parcels clear customs.

This webinar is relevant for UK ecommerce businesses that have:

  • Stopped selling to the EU and want to reboot EU Sales
  • Want to sell to the EU for the first time
  • Want to optimise EU shipping efficiency and customer delivery experience

Plus there is a special offer for everyone who registers for the webinar before the 14th of September, so click here to reserve your place and get set to reboot EU Sales in time for Q4.

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Nice ad, but what we need is our incompetent government to sort out a deal with the EU.

Lisa • 11th September 2022 •

In Italy for instance there are huge customs delays for parcel clearance. EBay very kindly refunding buyers in that country for item not received only for the parcels to arrive weeks later. Why would I possibly want to re-boot my sales there? Spain is just the same.

Jonty • 12th September 2022 •

Long before Brexit and Covid, Italy, Spain and Portugal were always problematic for me so I stopped sending to these countries years ago. Either stuff just simply didn't arrive or it took 3-5 weeks. I shudder to think how bad it is now with all the extra hoops to jump through.

JoeB • 12th September 2022 •

In those countries they play Ebay like they play football...always trying to cheat to get an advantage. There's also a kind of weird feeling around the world that the average British person is very rich so no wonder we are on the receiving end of more scams than any other country. I simply can't afford to be dishing refunds out left right and center to obvious fraudsters. Basically if you live in Italy you can get everything off for free

Mike • 12th September 2022 •