Royal Mail Black Friday Strike Action

Royal Mail Black Friday Strike Action

Royal Mail Black Friday strike action is set to disrupt the busiest time of the year with further date in the planning to disrupt the Christmas period.

It’s worth noting that historically Royal Mail strikes have regularly been called by the CWU in the run up to Christmas – it’s the time of year that puts most pressure on the company and also causes the most disruption to businesses and consumers alike. Ruining someone’s Christmas by leaving their purchases festering in a distribution centre tends to have a much bigger impact that the credit card bills announcing how screwed you are arriving in January.

These strikes are starting to really hurt Posties as well, there a numerous complaints online that they simply can’t afford more days off work – it’s worth remembering that regardless of their pension schemes, generous sick pay and other benefits, these are hard working men and women, out in all weathers and most just want to get their work done and get home to see the kids come home from school and have dinner with their family. They are facing the same financial pressures as the rest of the country and strike days are killing their finances.

Black Friday Strike Action

  • Thursday 24th November
  • Black Friday 25th November
  • Wednesday 30th November
  • Thursday 1st December

These days are designed to let Black Friday sales be caught up in a back log of Thursday’s post, which won’t be cleared by the time Cyber Monday takes place with another deluge of sales. And just to make sure that the delays last a bit longer two days after Cyber Monday another two day’s strikes will take place.

The CWU are meeting this Thursday, the 3rd of November, to discuss a follow up to the Black Friday strike action with the aim of making Christmas as miserable as possible. They will also hold a vote among members with the union hoping that Royal Mail workers will reject the deal Royal Mail offered on Monday, and ask if workers have confidence in Simon Thompson as Royal Mail CEO.

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full time officials of unions should also lose salary when a strike is called bet that would change the dynamics !!!!

r • 2nd November 2022 •

Just like Government Minsters lose their salary when they are sacked for being useless? Just for info they all get a massive payoff.

peter s • 2nd November 2022 •

Just like Government Minsters lose their salary when they are sacked for being useless? Just for info they all get a massive payoff.

peter s • 2nd November 2022 •

Posties will not be home to see their kids home from school or pick them up as they do now. Also the generous sick pay as you call it has gone. Anyone with a long term illness or injury will struggle to get buy on SSP. The parish is over two years and is less than half of the current inflation rate. Add to interest rates expected to go up again today. We are not militant. We are struggling to survive while senior management are raking it in!! Thanks from a very unhappy and worried postman.

Mark Wilson • 3rd November 2022 •

Sick of it. I'm so busy chasing late delivery enquiries and issuing refunds for those not delivered in under 2 weeks. Bad feedback rolling in. The public have little patience for late deliveries. A special mention for Amazon too. They crap on their sellers from a great height.

William • 3rd November 2022 •

same here, late deliveries refunds etc this also pees off buyers , think when the Russians get round to lobbing the nukes over, we will hide the iodine and give up

r • 3rd November 2022 •

These strike dates keep changing. They were coming out on black Friday and cyber Monday. Now it's Thursday the 24th but not cyber Monday? I suppose this is part of the tactics making it impossible to plan ahead. In fact the whole postal system is going to pot. We've had one delivery in a week here. I feel for the posties, they are underpaid but you can't get blood out of a stone. RM is broke, losing a million a day. Where are the extra wages to come from? And how many business customers will be lost in the process? Lunacy.

Stigmas • 3rd November 2022 •

Sack them all... Amozon can the delver the post..

Malcolm moore • 3rd November 2022 •

I was a postman for 15 years and the chief executive that's wanting all the changes to working conditions should try the and see how hard it is in bad weather and darkness ne want's the company to be like Amazon and DPD the drive around in vans to doors not walking in wind and rain and snow and ice you can't compare the two delivery services it's typical of CEO who have left university with a degree and don't know what the job entails

Dave • 3rd November 2022 •

As a proud Postie here it's so devastating to see the lack of leadership from the Royal mail bosses. Throughout the whole of this process we've heard very little from leadership down. We've heard plenty from the union but from what I recall 2 letters from the bosses. No team talk from management... Just silence. Very strange in there at the moment. It definitely feels like this was Royal mail bosses plan from the start run delivery offices down until they look incompetent. We've rubbish lying all over our office, old equipment, furniture, uniforms, that apparently the company won't pay for skips to take it away. Leaking roof etc. It's so run down. Some of the mail centres I've been in feel so much more modernised and cared for. I believe a split up of the company and land sell offs from offices like mine. Someone will be pocketing sonewhere, like our Czech billionaire to name one.

John • 4th November 2022 •

Royal mail is being primed for a sell off and asset strip its historic status as national treasure means nowt

r • 4th November 2022 •

Too true. I understand and feel sorry for small businesses who rely on letters delivery but from the employee point of view we can see the cost cutting and lies from above. The strikes are partly over pay but mainly everyone is fed up of poor management and lack of investment at ground level. Their need to modernise and change strategies are poorly thought out half the time but they just don't listen to us.

John • 4th November 2022 •

The more strike action the more unpalatable the delivery service becomes. Years ago when my staff threatened to strike I just wanted rid of them and looked at replacing them with self employment / contract options instead. Posties and the union have shot themselves in the foot over the years. Costing your employer money and aggravation through repeated strikes will eventually want them to get of that part of the business. I been saying that for the last 3 decades, it just takes time. I think we are nearing that time where we will see the fruition of these strikes - and I dont mean that in a positive way. You are going to strike yourselves out a job. There has been a mass exodus to alternative carriers this Christmas. Who would want to do that to their employer? Its obviously going to effect the viability / stability of not only the business - but your job! I know the job is often not the easiest but its better than the alternative - no job at all!

Alan Paterson • 7th November 2022 •

Yes self employed can be used. Of course you don't control self employed. They decide when they work, they decide how they work, they can send someone else in their place, they can wear what they want, when they leave work and if they want time off you get no say in the matter. Oh and someone on minimum wage as an employee would be charging you quite a bit more to do the work. What with having to cover own expenses, own pension, own sickness etc. Call it say £130 for an 8 hour day rather than just a bit under £80. Can't get self employed on the cheap.

Mac • 26th November 2022 •

If I were a "leader' or boss in Royal Mail i wouldnt know what to say either to the front line staff. Maybe thats why you have not heard from them Jon. I would be lost for words too. We are approaching what should be the most profitable time of year and staff decide to strike - sabotaging and costing RM a fortune and supplying the competition with an abundance of free customers. Its ludicrous and selfish as you guys effect the livelihood of small businesses throughout the country while simultaneously damaging the organisation that is paying you. Small businesses are the ones who suffer the most - what did we ever do to you? (other than support you by being a customer). Everybody looses. I am old enough to remember the strikes of the 70s which all but destroyed Britains manufacturing industry. Memories are short or maybe everyone is just younger than me now - younger and naive to think that persistent strikes are the answer. The country is on its knees and people who are striking are kicking it while its down. Postie: "But we have to stand up for our rights and living wage" - yes but striking is never the answer. You will only make things worse and strike yourself out of employment. I am quite bitter as I see my friends loosing far more £ per month than you are ever hoping to gain if RM give in to your demands. Everybody looses except your competitors who have huge earning opportunities and continued business long after Xmas from customers who used to be loyal to RM.

Alan Paterson • 7th November 2022 •

Give it time, the company will go under and some competitor will buy the worthwhile bits. Staff eventually get wages owed but can take a few weeks longer than payday to get some money, couple of years to get it all. And the union won't care. Based on the evidence of unions not caring when other companies have been slammed into the ground. I've a chunk of my business going with Evri - cannot afford for royal mail union to mess up my business as well as royal mail.

Mac • 23rd November 2022 •