French and Italian Packaging laws

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French and Italian Packaging laws

Every single consumer product in France and Italy, now requires, by law, additional information on packaging. Retailers cannot accept non-compliant products and the French and Italian Packaging fines are substantial for those selling without compliance.

These new laws cover everything from recycling information on the product packaging to including product information detailing ingredients, allergens and nutrition. It’s hugely complex to comply but the fines for getting it wrong can be punitive.

French and Italian Packaging laws

Article 17 (AGEC Law): France

Date of implementation: 9 September 2022

Link to law:

Fines: up to €100,000, 2 years in prison

Decree No. 116: Italy

Date of implementation: January 2023

Link to law:

Fines: €5,200 – €40,000

French Article 13 (AGEC Law): France

Date of implementation: January 2023

Link to law:

Link to EU law: lex-europa

Fines: €15k per SKU, maximum fine

10% global turnover

Wine Regulation (Article 119, Regulation No 1308/2013): EU wide

Date of implementation: November 2023

Link to law:

Fines: TBA per country – no sale in EU

French and Italian Packaging Requirements

To comply with the various laws, you may simply need to display a QR-code showing the correct recycling logo, or you may also need to include the type of packaging, identification code and waste collection guidelines along with access to various product information.

The challenge is how to display the product and regulatory information and that’s what GS1 and Buyerdock have been working on. GS1 are the global regulator on barcodes and as such are the only company to supply new barcode numbers.

Buyerdock are partners with GS1 and became the first company to be signed off to deliver 2D QR-barcodes automatically. All of the QR-codes on this document are 2D QR-barcodes, future proofing each and every company on Buyerdock. By adding products to Buyerdock, brands will be able to download a fully compliant future proof 2D QR-barcode that when scanned can open the instant Webb App with product and regulatory information.

Buyerdock automatically generates the required text/logo via the QR-code for just £1 per SKU per month (eg. if a brand has 10 products with the QR-codes printed on 1 million bags, they pay just £10 per month). When new regulation is introduced, each product on Buyerdock will be updated and alert companies if more information is required.

By making the monthly admin fee so low, Buyerdock aim to level the playing field so all brands can become compliant and engage directly with their consumers.

To see how the product and regulatory information is displayed to comply with French and Italian Packaging laws, and indeed any future regulations introduced, scan the QR codes in the image above.



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