Optimising Amazon Prime Day Sponsored Ads

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Amazon Ads summit 2023 Optimising Amazon Prime Day Sponsored Ads

With Prime Day fast approaching and running across the 11th and 12th of July, brands should have already submitted their Prime Deals and shipped stock into FBA. However, what if you’ve missed the boat? Well it’s not too late as when shoppers log in they’ll be purchasing both from deals and products not on deals, so it’s time to plan your Prime Day Sponsored Ads and Sponsored Brand campaigns.

In 2022, Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide on and judiciously adjusting your Prime Day Sponsored Ads can ensure your brand is front and center of search results increasing conversion rates. Those who have opted for deep discount deals will likely have less budget left for Prime Day Sponsored Ads, so if you’re not giving a discount use your budget to aim for the first page of search results.

You should already be tracking key words, and it’s time to check the current terms that are working best for your products with the highest ROI and increase your bids across the two days of Amazon Prime. Check your budget and advertising cost of sales (ACOA) to ensure you’ll still be profitable. If you don’t have active campaigns, start now and learn before the big shopping days hit.

If you ran campaigns during Prime Day last year, use the data for budget decision making and use a range of ad types concurrently to give the best possible chance that your ads will appear in front of more shoppers.

Advertisers who launched a Sponsored Brands campaign using the video ad format during Prime Day 2021 saw an average of 284% more units sold, 225% more clicks and 182% more impressions than advertisers who didn’t.

– Amazon

Prime Day Sponsored Ads aren’t just an opportunity to win sales on the day – it’s an important way to build momentum for your ASINs for the future. If you can attract a significantly high number of sales for an offer during the sales event compared to normal, Amazon’s algorithms will notice this increase and be more likely to show your offer higher in search results in the future. Sales success on Amazon breeds success, and Prime Day is perhaps one of the best times of the year for Brand building and establishing products which can then potentially rank well for many weeks and months into the future.


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