Cdiscount prepare for DSA enforcement

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Cdiscount prepare for DSA enforcement

With the European Regulation 2022/2065 on digital services, also known as the Digital Services Act or DSA coming into force on the 17th of February 2024, Cdiscount have been preparing and reminding sellers of the part they have to play.

The DSA regulation harmonises the rules applicable within the European Union to the various providers of intermediary services, such as marketplaces, with the aim of guaranteeing a safe, predictable and trusted online environment for users of these services. In particular, it aims to provide better protection for consumers against the online distribution of illegal and dangerous content and products. 
As trust is of paramount importance in the ecommerce sector, Cdiscount has been working proactively for several years now to establish a safe environment for its users.

Our marketplace had already put in place most of the provisions of the DSA before the Regulation came into force (particularly in terms of the fight against illegal content and notification mechanisms, increased collaboration with the authorities, traceability of professionals, an internal complaints handling system, a ban on targeting minors, etc.).

– Cdiscount

As the DSA introduces new obligations in terms of transparency, in particular concerning:

(i) the platforms’ moderation policy (with regular reports on the removal of content)

(ii) their recommendation system and (iii) their internal complaints handling system,

Cdiscount have updated their General Conditions for Making Available the Cdiscount Marketplace (GCMA) to adapt them to these new requirements.

  1. Policy on illegal content (Article 13): Cdiscount have introduced a new article in the GCMA setting out all the measures in place to combat the presence of illegal content on their marketplace.

    This article provides information relating in particular to (i) the definition of illegal content, (ii) the moderation policy, procedures and tools put in place by Cdiscount using the various sources available for reporting and detecting illegal content, (iii) the consequences for Sellers in the event of failure to comply with this policy, and (iv) the implementation by Cdiscount of automated filtering systems prior to the publication of content on our marketplace.

    It is expressly stated in the GCMA that abusive use of the marketplace will be sanctioned, in particular in the event of frequent submission of manifestly illegal content.
  2. Ranking and system for recommending offers (Article 4.3): Cdiscount have supplemented the information in this article with details of our system for recommending and ranking offers on the Cdiscount site, particularly with regard to the criteria for sorting offers and the filters available to Internet users on the site.

    In this respect, they would like to remind you that the better the quality of your product sheets and the more attractive your offers, the greater the chances that your products will be well referenced on the site.
  3. Internal complaints handling system (Article 17.9.1): Cdiscount have supplemented this article by specifying the conditions of use of this system, so that you can make the best use of it.

Finally, because consumer confidence and protection are essential in the e-commerce sector, Cdiscount has been a signatory of the European Consumer Protection Pledge since 30 November 2023. In particular, we are committed to guaranteeing the transparency of consumer opinions. In this respect, Cdiscount are reminding sellers that contributing to the publication of false customer reviews on our site is prohibited. Cdiscount’s GCMA detail the conditions under which sellers may be penalised if they breach these rules.


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