RetailX Spring Festival 2024

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RetailX Spring Festival 2024

In today’s fast-paced retail industry, time is of the essence. Retail professionals are constantly on the move, navigating the landscape of consumer behaviour, digital marketing, growth channels and sustainability and the RetailX Spring Festival 2024 is the place to take stock of the ever changing ecommerce world.

Press pause for the day and join us at the RetailX Events Spring Festival May 14th in London for the ultimate gathering of the retail industry’s brightest minds and most influential figures meeting under one roof.

Combining four events in one venue, SubscriptionX, SustainabilityX, ConsumerX and DigitalX, we have tailored the day for time-squeezed industry professionals to supercharge their retail journey. Book one ticket for all four conferences at the RetailX Spring Festival!


The second edition of the groundbreaking conference, SubscriptionX is set to continue its exploration of the latest and greatest in digitally-driven DTC subscription models. We’re bringing together experts within the B2C sector of multichannel retailers, brands, and media, to foster a cross- pollination of ideas. Discussing opportunities and challenges from scaling to adapting to changing customer preferences and everything between.

With 81% of UK households signed up to at least one subscription service, and with digital media entertainment being the most prominent, the opportunities within this domain are huge. Discover how leading brands are adapting to the economic climate and the innovative strategies they are employing to deliver scalable, sustainable subscription growth.


RetailX presents ConsumerX, a groundbreaking opportunity for senior retail executives to gain deep insights into the behaviour of your ‘next customer.’ Using pioneering research, we delve deeply into next-generation priorities, attitudes, and personas, to understand the consumer’ mindset – now and in the future.

After years of integrating consumer data, surveys, and cutting-edge research, the ConsumerX App will be unveiled for the first time at the event. The app provides unique information, key data, and comprehensive graphs on everything from consumer attitudes to differences across age groups or countries, all centred on the multi-channel European customer.

This exclusive first look into the ConsumerX app will follow with a series of working group sessions, roundtables, and onstage consumer debates, to offer a truly valuable perspective through the consumer lens. Attendees will leave this half-day event being able to make strategic decisions based on facts, rather than perceived customer perceptions.


Forward-thinking boardrooms that embrace sustainability as a key driver of innovation will be better prepared to shape a positive retail business model. From conception to implementation, the 6 Rs of sustainability – Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Resell, and Renew – must act as a cornerstone to commerce for planning. 

The sustainability management challenge lies within understanding how to initiate impactful change while achieving business objectives and increasing profit. Join SustainabilityX, and leave armed with immediate deployable strategies and solutions to help drive tangible business results.


As we witness the transformative role of Generative AI, we recognize that this is only the beginning. The discussions will not only help to gain a footing in new marketing trends and innovations, but to understand how to apply those insights within your business. 

Maximise the potential of your marketing funnel, and boost acquisition and retention rates with the unique knowledge gained at this event. Gain an in-depth understanding of digital marketing performance, AI, ML, retail media and ecommerce marketing. Enabling intelligent marketers, to market more effectively.


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Discover deployable strategies and solutions at SustainabilityX

Discover deployable strategies and solutions at SustainabilityX

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SubscriptionX deep dive into the digitally-driven DTC subscription retailing

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Dive Deep into the Minds of Tomorrow’s Consumers at ConsumerX

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