Amazon Opens First Disaster Relief Hub in Europe

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Amazon Opens First Disaster Relief Hub in Europe

Amazon has unveiled its inaugural Disaster Relief Hub in Europe today, a dedicated space within its global logistics network. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Purpose: The hub is designed to swiftly respond to natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods.
  2. Location: Situated in Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Rheinberg, Germany, it enjoys easy access to major international airports and transport networks.
  3. Capacity: The hub will house 1,000 pallets of relief items—enough to fill a Boeing 737 plane twenty times over.
  4. Essential Supplies: Stored items include sheltering supplies (tents, blankets, cots, mats, sleeping bags), hygiene kits (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste), and cleaning items (gloves, cleaning supplies).
  5. Data-Driven Approach: Amazon analyzed post-disaster product requests since 2017. Over 80% of needed items remain consistent across major natural disasters.
  6. Rapid Deployment: With millions of relief items on hand, Amazon can send aid within 72 hours, significantly faster than traditional packing and consolidation methods.

This initiative underscores Amazon’s commitment to supporting impacted communities during critical times and you can learn more on their Disaster Relief dedicated page

Today, natural disasters happen more often and are increasingly more severe – and we’re mobilizing our global inventory, logistics infrastructure, and technology to support the communities impacted by these emergencies. We’re committed to use our scale and passion for invention for good. We’ve partnered with local and international relief organizations to understand their needs and we’ve looked at our data to identify the most-demanded products in the aftermath of natural disasters. With the opening of this new Hub in Germany, our response to disasters across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa will be even faster and more efficient.

– Bettina Stix, head of Amazon Disaster Relief

Successful partnerships with relief organizations

Amazon works year-round with national and international relief organizations, including the Red Cross, Save the Children, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to understand their needs and be ready to source the products that they demand in advance. Thanks to this collaboration Amazon has responded to more than 145 natural disasters across the world since 2017, and has donated more than 24 million relief items.

The establishment of this Hub marks a significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration, and I am thrilled about IOM becoming a strategic partner in such a crucial initiative. Our collective work throughout these couple of years in disaster relief and emergency operations has been fruitful, laying a strong foundation for our future joint efforts.

– Jeanette Camarillo, Deputy Director for the Department of Humanitarian Response and Recovery at

For seven years, Amazon and Save the Children have been supporting children and their families facing disasters worldwide. The new Disaster Relief Hub is a monumental next step in Amazon’s commitment to this work. It harnesses Save the Children’s decades of humanitarian expertise and Amazon’s leading supply chain to ensure that in the aftermath of a natural disaster or emergency, essential items such as hygiene kits and learning materials reach the people who need them the most as quickly as possible.

– Gabriella Waaijman, Save the Children’s global humanitarian director

In addition to donating products and logistics services, Amazon has also made it easy for customers to donate products through the company’s online stores. When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, customers from across Europe used Amazon to send thousands of products to relief partners for distribution to displaced Ukrainian families.

In just the last 18 months, Amazon has responded to natural disasters across the world, including wildfires in Chile, Colombia, Australia and Hawaii, earthquakes in Japan, Türkiye, Syria, and Morocco, and hurricanes and cyclones in Puerto Rico, Florida, and India.

Improving disaster response through cloud technology

Amazon’s commitment to disaster relief extends beyond physical logistics. AWS, the tech giant’s cloud computing arm, plays a pivotal role in improving disaster response worldwide. Here’s how:

  1. Innovative Solutions:
    • AWS collaborates with organizations like the American Red Cross, leveraging cloud computing to enhance disaster management.
    • Alexa-enabled devices powered by AWS provide real-time hurricane alerts and facilitate blood donation scheduling.
  2. Dedicated Disaster Response Team:
    • AWS maintains a specialized team focused on helping standby partners (relief organizations, government entities, nonprofits) prepare for and respond to disasters.
    • Rigorous testing and fine-tuning of cloud-based innovations occur under simulated disaster conditions.
  3. AWS Disaster Response Vehicles:
    • Equipped with rugged, portable cloud computing devices, these vehicles swiftly deploy connectivity networks after infrastructure damage.
    • They play a crucial role in restoring internet access and communication channels.
  4. Mapping and Damage Assessment:
    • AWS aids partners in mapping hard-hit areas and assessing damage.
    • Re-establishing internet connectivity and scaling call centers are critical post-disaster tasks.
  5. On-Site Computing Power:
    • AWS provides computing resources for field teams, enabling real-time data processing.
    • Faster decisions about resource allocation and response efforts become possible.
  6. Recent Success Stories:
    • AWS supported wildfire-fighting teams in Chile, Colombia, and Maui.
    • Cutting-edge technology allowed crews to assess fire damage, monitor hot spots, and generate maps for strategic decision-making.


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