Allegro is the biggest online marketplace in Poland. It’s a homegrown enterprise that enjoys 40% share of the total ecommerce market with more than 14m customers, of which 90% shop monthly on the site according to reports. It’s interesting to note that neither eBay or Amazon have been particularly successful and don’t dominate Polish ecommerce. Poland is a country of nearly 40 million people.

Poland is an interesting ecommerce market because the share of retail that is made online is relatively low: only 3.3% in 2016, compared to 16.8% in the UK. Internet penetration is also lower. And the same is true with mobile and smartphone usage compared to the UK or Germany. But all of the above are growing. Poland’s ecommerce is growing swiftly, making it an exciting proposition. Polish ecommerce is outpacing the rest of Europe with 23% ecommerce growth year-on-year in 2016, compared to 18% in the rest of the EU single market.

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