ChannelX UK Amazon Sellers Report 2023

ChannelX UK Amazon Sellers Report 2023

Our ChannelX UK Amazon Sellers Report 2023 takes a deep dive into the profile of some of the top UK Amazon sellers. You can download your free copy today!

The report shines a light on which categories produce the most top sellers, what a top seller’s business looks like and what strategies online retailers should have in place to succeed.

Third-party sellers began to join Amazon in 1999 and now more than 60% of what is sold in Amazon stores globally comes from small and medium-sized businesses. As more established brands make their way to Amazon, it becomes imperative for smaller sellers to adopt innovative strategies, differentiate their products, and continuously refine their approach to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

Download our ChannelX UK Amazon Sellers Report 2023 today to discover what it takes to stay ahead of the pack and be successful on

Looking at the top UK Amazon sellers based on Seller Directories’ research on reviews, complemented by our RetailX Europe Top 1000, we identify the categories sellers trade in, where sellers on are located (there’s a massive difference between 3rd party and 1st party sellers!), and what a top Amazon seller looks like.

Inside the UK Amazon Seller Report 2023

In the report you’ll find:

  • A detailed breakdown of Amazon Top Sellers by category and geography
  • What an Amazon Top Seller looks like
  • Partner perspectives from eDesk, Venture Forge and BrightBid
  • Payments & money
  • Optimising your product offers
  • Fulfilment
  • Case Studies:
    • World of Books
    • Tecknet
    • Music Magpie
    • Thompson & Morgan
    • Anker Direct
    • Gardener’s Dream

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