Bidding hello to 2007

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Who can say what we’ll find, what lies waiting down the line” sang Abba. Well, in a rush of New Year’s Eve wine crystal-ball gazing, here are our predictions for 2007 on eBay:

  1. SIF FVFs will be reduced (though not back to their pre-August 2006 rates). This year’s emphasis on ‘core listings‘ will be deemed a success, so much so that shop/store listings will need a little loving to encourage them back.
  2. Shop subscription fees will be increased to compensate for the above. Big sellers will love it, small sellers will complain that eBay are trying to put them out of business (as usual).
  3. As eBay’s management rediscover their love for Shops/Stores, eBay Express will be quietly sidelined, ready for abandonment in 2008.
  4. There will be new feedback stars for 25, 2500 and 500,000 – because even Jay and Marie have to have something to aim for, right? 😉
  5. Feedback ranking will happen. Sellers hate it, disgruntled buyers will love it, but eBay *will* bring in Amazon-style 1-5 feedback scores for various aspects of transactions from accuracy of description to speed of delivery.
  6. Turbo Lister will release a Pro version. eBay’s free software will finally grow up, with a ultra-stable, pay-for version incorporating most of the auction management features of SMP, plus inventory, sales and traffic analysis and basic accounting features all in one package.
  7. Amazon will start taking Paypal.
  8. There will be increased cooperation between tax offices and eBay, so don’t wait until *they* contact *you*.
  9. Meg will quit.
  10. I will go to eBay Live and cry because, at that moment anyway, I love eBay so much. *blush*

Happy New Year 🙂


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