Devon postman suspended, 7500 letters delayed

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If you’ve had any lost packages in Devon recently, maybe this is your answer: Royal Mail investigators found 7,500 letters and packages in the Sidmouth area of Devon on 15 March. A postman has been suspended. The delayed mail will be forwarded with an explanatory letter apologising for the delay.

While the RM spokeswoman is undoubtedly correct in saying that the majority of posties are honest and hardworking, there seem to be more and more of these hoarded mail stories: nothing stolen, just undelivered mail stored up at home. The obvious conclusion is that posties are being subjected to more work, and perhaps more stress, than they can handle. If you’re a postie, please give us your views: is your job becoming intolerable?

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  1. From what I hear from a reliable source, all posties are being put under intollerable pressure – no overtime, more mail to deliver especially recorded which takes longer and business advertising mail which arrives by the truckload, cutbacks on the number of posties and daily stress to achieve targets., and unending red tape,and for why, to make Royal Mail more profit for a lousy service. My sympathy is for the posties, they are good honest, hardworking men/women (except for the bad apples) and they have passed breaking point. And if they complain, oh well “If you don’t like it, well leave, there are plenty of imigrants who will work for nothing and be glad of it. I cant wait for the day when Royal Mail has serious competition in delivering the general daily mail.

  2. All but one of the postmen I’ve ever met have confessed to blatantly taking the mick. I have heard several express complacency about completing their rounds with the current system, since any letter that aren’t delivered are simply passed onto colleagues.

    One postie used to live in a flat below mine & once, when a RM van came round with a parcel for me, I saw him jump out of a window out the back & run away, buttoning his shirt. It turned out he’d been enjoying the company of his girlfriend when he should have been out on his round & thought the van was his boss checking up on him!

  3. In regards to the missing mail issue, we had a period last year where roughly once a fortnight, an entire mailsack of mobile phones sent out for delivery would vanish. Around hakf a dozen sacks were ‘lost’ in total, each containing £000’s worth of goods.

    We complained to our depot, they promised to investigate & it never happened again. But they were never recovered.

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