PowerSellers' Discussion Board to be split

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There have often been calls on the PowerSeller Community Forum to split the board into different topics. The most common request on the UK PowerSeller Board has been for “Business” and “Chat” sections.

Now on the US PowerSeller Board it may become a reality with three different “sub-boards” being considered.

Whether this will become implemented is really down to the US PowerSellers themselves. PowerSellers can vote for “This board works for me as is”, “I would prefer additional boards for PowerSellers” or “I don’t care either way”.

eBay have often spun off new boards when exisiting boards reach a certain level of useage, it enables board contributors to find threads they’re interested in, and to post new threads on boards where they’re most likely to get the information or assistance they need. The US PowerSeller board is significantly busier than the UK PowerSeller board, but the move is still likely to renew calls for the UK board to be split.

(To log onto the eBay Community Boards linked in this post you must be a PowerSeller)

8 Responses

  1. It’s a mistake. The reason that eBay boards work so well is that there is chat to keep people interested, so that they’re there when someone has a genuine problem. And if there isn’t chat, the boards die. I remember when the Nag’s was created to keep the OT chat off Q&A so it wouldn’t distract from the “genuine questions”. It worked for about a week, and then chat on Q&A started again. I hope they don’t do this on the UK PSB…

    though I’d vote for an ignore button every time ]:)

  2. Personally, I agree with the rationale behind this move. Here’s hoping it results in a lasting change.

    I don’t spend anywhere near as much time on the UK board as I did. Not because I’m any busier than I was but because it just gets sillier by the day.



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