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PayPerParcelI’ve met Sean and Darren from Just Applications several times at eBay Universities and have been waiting for them to launch their new service – Pay Per Parcel, which goes live today!

The timing couldn’t be better, with Royal Mail about to enter another period of industrial action starting this Thursday lunch time, eBay sellers are going to be looking for alternative ways to get parcels delivered. With prices starting from just £6.19 Pay Per Parcel is a viable alternative to Royal Mail Special Delivery, Standard Parcels and Recorded Delivery services for all but the lightest items.

Pay Per Parcel offers full online tracking with deliveries handled by DHL. There are also discounts available if you bulk purchase deliveries in blocks of ten, although you don’t have to use them all the same day. If you book by 10am the parcel can be collected the same day, otherwise it’ll be picked up by the courier the next business day.

Pay Per Parcel offer lower rates than PayPal shipping available though eBay, and is available whether you have a one off item too heavy to post, an urgent order you need delivered quickly, or multiple parcels to send and are looking for discounted courier services.

To send an item via Pay Per Parcel you simple book your collection, pack the item, print out the shipping label and wait for the courier to collect. To make it easy for eBay sellers Pay Per Parcel is integrated with eBay and can automatically complete the buyers name and address details for you. Payment is via credit or debit card, or of couse you can use PayPal.

I know Sean and Darren are excited about this new service and I can see why, shipping for eBay sellers just got a whole lot easier.

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  1. Had a look at this site very nice but two things strike me straight away. Firstly no contact number (do you get one?) and no indication if they are VAT registered. What is the advantage of them over someone like payperdrop? At least they give a phone number. (Which does unfortunately these days is not answered, but it is the thought that counts).

    When it goes wrong I need to speak to someone there and then so it gets acted on. Its no good sending an email and getting a response a few days later if the parcel has been delivered to the wrong address or there has been damage, etc,etc. Can these people offer this?

  2. Hi RG, They’ll be doing some updates to the site in the very near future and have told me they’ll be adding both the VAT number (good point!) and soon to come will be a messaging system for keeping in touch 🙂


  4. I would like to comment on L Curran’s comment and state that this issue was caused by DHL having a restriction in the area, it is very rare that the parcels booked are not collected and we have some very good feedback from our customers on how good the system is.
    Unfortuntately when you brought this to my attention at 5:55 via the contact page on our website DHL offices were closed after I waited on hold for 20 mins, but they have promised me that they will be collected today. If you can recall I advised you/Fiona on this via the telephone at 18:25 and even gave you a free collection credit as you made a mistake on the site during booking.
    As for DHL advsing to stay clear, if you can proove this then I would love to hear this on here, we have a major account with DHL and if you use our system then from within the ‘My Shipments’ section of the site you will see a ‘courier ref’ column such as 217XXX.1 this means that it has been booked and confirmed with DHL and then it is over to DHL to handle the collection, in your case these references are there and the collection date states ’10 December 2007′ so they should have collected.
    I hope that this is a one off for the GLASGOW area and hope that you enjoy using our services in the future.

  5. I called at 10am for advice and again at 11am no one answered i left a message, I apologise if you believe my feedback is harsh but i paid for a service and did not receive the service i paid for now my cusotmers will be affected and have to wait yet another day – if DHL actually ever appear today and i am house bound yet again. Yes you gave a free credit but you should be receiving compensation from DHL as they have not provided the service you paid for, me however will have to grin and bear my customers giving me a hard time for something that was outwith my control and i paid for in good faith. I am an ebay powerseller and send over 100 items a week and thought i would trial your service over that of Fedex, i have to say however i will be returning to fedex as their rates are more competitive and they have never let me down.

    Many thanks

  6. Hi Lawrenece,

    I fully understand the annoyance this may have caused, as with all third party booking agents we are at the mercy of the supplier, if they fail then it makes us look bad.

    We have invested a lot of money to this solution and it will form part of our suite of applications such as integration to our solution so you can understand that we are also very concerned on these service levels we get on occasions. I am happy to say that these are very rare but when they do happen then they do cause major inconveniences as you have your service level to give to your customers too.

    I will monitor your account today and give you a follow up call later to make sure everything was collected.



  7. I had my DHL driver trained, he was wonderful. I would have paid twice the price if asked he was so reliable, andso helpful
    then DHL sub contracted out to spiv with van in our area and its back to royal mail again for us

  8. Hi Northumbrian,

    They are looking closely on these drivers so I value any comment that you have on the drivers for your area,what they did wrong etc and I can pass this onto DHL directly for you, I receive a mixture of comments about this home delivery service and pleased to say that most are positive with examples such as ‘I cant believe I just booked a parcel and 30 mins he’s at my door’ as they all have mobiles and run around the place, so lets hope they get this service level up.

    You may use the contact form on the site to log these area’s of concern and I will pass them over to them.



  9. A highly recommended site is for online auctions. They are the new ebay. Many smaller sites like this offer buyers far better deals than ebay ever could. Buyser also save a ton because this site charges little or nothing depending on the day. One more reaso I like is because they don’t take a part of the sale at all. No commissions or final value fees. A+++

  10. Borgie, this thread is all about couriers nothing to do with online auctions – a pointless thread!

    I would like to offer my thanks to PayPerParcel – I have had a real bad time of eBay couriers over the last 2 years especially the ones selling on the back of DHL providing a third rate service. PayPerParcel on the other hand have delivered to the internet a fantastic clean and easy to use system and when I have had a problem be it a late collection they are always available at the end of the phone. Darren I think it was also contacted the receiver for me on one occasion to eliminate any bad eBay feedback. A+++++

  11. Hi Ben,

    Appreciate the comments there !

    For information to others too, we lowered our prices in January and have decided to keep them low so we’re offering the 1-4 day service from £5.95 now.

    PayPal, Google and vouchers sold on eBay all supported as payment methods now.




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