Clothes thief avoids jail

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A 19 year old shop assistant stole dozens of items from her employers and sold them on eBay, a court has heard. Gemma Spavin worked at the Bolton branch of clothing store TK Maxx, and during the first seven months of this year, stole more than 100 items which were later sold on eBay. Bosses at the store had become suspicious and alerted police, who seized clothing and computer equipment from Spavin’s home.

Judge Steven Everett said: “The time has not yet come when you should lose your liberty because you are young and still have a lot to offer society.” He said that the maximum penalty Spavin would receive would be a six month suspended sentence, and that that might be reduced to community service after he had heard from her legal representatives. Sentencing will take place in January.

10 Responses

  1. so crime might well pay, well certainly if you get a lenient judge? It’s hysterical, I know that maybe this girl may not have been the next Great Train Robber, BUT what kind of deterrent is it to someone else considering pulling such a stunt, if they know they will probably get a suspended sentence and be praised because they “still have a lot to offer society” pmsl!

  2. Civil Recovery could hurt her more than the courts. TK Maxx could try and recover the cost of the goods and administration charges.

  3. I agree with the sentiment that it seems like rather a light sentence given the info we have but it is possible that stuff may have come up in the case which did not get mentioned the media.

  4. I dont condone her actions, though I think the judge is the one with the evidence and the experiance, and has made the decision to try and help both this girl and society,rather than punish, It gives me a rather nice feeling when authority is reasonable and compasionate it also makes me feel l Live in the right country

  5. i wonder how many reading this have nicked from their employers and thought it just a perk of the job
    pens, paper, internet access, etc etc, its still theft and just as illegal as helping yourself to any other stock



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