Local coppers warn of parcel thefts in Reading

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One might have through that with the lockdown across the four nations that the majority of people are sitting at home waiting to receive their parcels. Apparently not according to Reading coppers who are warning residents of a growing number of parcel thefts from front porches, post boxes and communal reception areas.

Lockdown means that we’re ordering more online than ever before and opportunistic thieves are more than happy to do a few parcel thefts as they walk past your house. Reading is a town that has not only a large number of people who aren’t that well off but also a huge number of victorian terraced houses in numerous back streets and so the front porch is often but a step away from the pavement. That means a parcel left in full view can be picked up by your local thief who barely has to break step to commit the crime.

Thankfully in the grand scheme of things parcel thefts in the UK are relatively low compared to the millions of packages delivered every day. But if it happens to you and the delivery company provide proof of delivery it’ll often be the consumer who loses out rather than the retailer.

Thames Valley Police suggest you specify a safe place for your online orders to be left or if that’s not possible then to nominate a friendly non-thieving neighbour to accept your parcels. Don’t forget that even if you are purchasing from a marketplace or retailer that doesn’t enable you to specify a safe place, you can often do so on mail and courier apps – as soon as you know which carrier is delivering your parcel, download the relevant mobile app and add a safe place for them to leave your future deliveries.

2 Responses

  1. I wonder which (euphemism) “Other Courier” is leaving the parcels out in the open – and, most likely, marking them as “Delievered” while doing so?

    I don”t think anyone will need three guesses.

  2. UPS left 3 huge rolls of rubber and a large box 3feet by 2 feet and 2 feet high in my front garden on Friday at 9am I only found out today when i rang the supplier who admitted they had put our home address instead of warehouse and said it was delivered at 9am friday. I drove the 5 miles home and there it was soaking wet. We do not use the front door so giving the benefit of the doubt i went in to check if a card was there and no no card left sop all day friday and all week end.

    Good old UPS on the front facing a road. very safe and secure.

    good job its something the joe public would not want.

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