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Sellers of naughty knickers and other adult-type products have long complained that private listings are only available on auction. Especially at this time of year, Buy It Now can increase your turnover massively as everyone wants their parcel yesterday, but sellers have been forced to choose between offering their buyers speed, or offering anonymity. Not anymore: private listings are now available on BIN!

For those who don’t know, private listings hide the buyer/bidder’s ID on the listing page, and conversely hide the item details on the buyer’s feedback page. It’s useful not only for lingerie products, but for items that may be given as gifts where you don’t want the recipient to spot them in your feedback, or items that may be re-sold on eBay, or high-ticket items that you might not want the world to know about. So applause to eBay for listening to something the community really did ask for.

Thanks to the lovely Remy of JAS Designer Lingerie World for the heads-up.

One Response

  1. It is also really useful for shill bidders on auctions to hide that they are using alternative ids to bid on lots of their own items… shill bidding is only stopped if it is reported, and if you can’t see who is bidding, you wouldn’t know what to report…

    I think it much more apt on BINs than on auctions for that reason alone.



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