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You’ve gotta be kidding me, I mean have people nothing better to do with their time? I was checking out eBay Match Ups and was gobsmacked to see that the top five users have each voted on over 300,000 Match Ups.

The top 15 users between them have racked up over 3½ million votes! In total over 13 million votes have been placed on eBay Match Ups, that’s 3 million more votes than were cast in the last UK General Election!

Now I know some Match Ups are amusing, it can be highly addictive for the first five minutes but after that they all merge into a blur. To vote on a few is fun, a couple of hundred you must have been bored, a thousand or so and you get RSI, but to place several hundred thousand votes is extraordinary?

Just where do people find the time?

2 Responses

  1. 😕
    ‘cuse me for being a little bit thick – but what are match ups all about?
    Never seen it on .co.uk, and clicked through and saw it was on .com
    Is it something which is just a bit of fun, or inadvertantly a marketing tool?
    What’s the point of it all?
    From slightly Dense

  2. It’s only on .com, but you do get a link to your user ID from your Match Ups stats.

    Not sure it’s worth clicking 300,000 times to be top of though 😯

    I’d look at it as just a bit of fun 😛


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