PayPal to offer better seller protection

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PayPal have stated in the near future sellers will be able to ship to any address confirmed or otherwise and qualify for seller protection. Unconfirmed addresses which in the past made seller protection invalid, would no longer exclude sellers from protection for unauthorized funds, non-receipt claims and chargebacks.

This program known as Expanded Seller Protection will initially be made available to PowerSellers based in the UK, US, Canada and Hong Kong. In addition to all addresses being considered confirmed, coverage to all 190 countries served by PayPal will be included with no coverage limit on claims.

The vital missing information from todays announcements regarding PayPal Expanded Seller Protection is what it will/may cost. That fee could range from free, to a per transaction basis, to a set monthly fee, or a percentage of total transactions processed.

The dream of being able to ship to every customers to any address may be one step closer, it remains to be seen if it’s affordable.

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  1. ๐Ÿ˜†
    Having been hit by numerous chargebacks to unconf addresses and now trying to work out whether or not to go on with a transaction, this for me is a fabulous way to save time.

    If paypal give me the money, then I want them to be giving me the confidence that it is safe and from a trustworthy source – as they are the handler,

    I had a very very interesting conversation with my local police force over one particular chargeback, and they said to me “What paypal have done is illegal…..” So, one wonders if paypal have been bitten on the bottom about C/bs and are trying to stop the millions of calls they must get daily. They probably pay more in wages to peeps to provide the customer support service than they would if they just honoured the sale and let it be

    Cost ? ๐Ÿ’ก Hmmm, ok, I lost ร‚ยฃ110 in Dec through c/b – quite a low amount, admittedly, but to pay paypal an amount under that and know that the money isnt going to vanish out of my account is a small price to pay
    Suz x

  2. Doesn’t make any difference what paypal does for Canadians, with some of the highest postal costs in the world we can rarely ship with delivery confirmation outside the country. I was amazed to just get something from the UK signature required with 10 GBP postage…I can’t get signature to the USA with the post office at any price.

  3. did you also see the bit about Paypal shortly being obligatory for all sellers with less than 100 feedback?

    So what about selling my car? We successfully sold hubby’s one a few years back, and now we are changing mine. It is up on my personal id, which only has 22 feedback, but I shall NEVER accept Paypal from a motordealer collecting from me… Cash or nothing for me.

    So does that mean after February I can never sell a car again on eBay?

  4. Yeah, they really don’t seem to have thought through this “PayPal on collection items” thing – cf. Owen’s issues with PayPal for vending machines.

    I’ve seen a fair few listings in PayPal-compulsory categories saying things like “the listing says PayPal because we have to, but if you pay with it, we’ll refund you and ask for something else”. I’m sure that’s only going to get more common!!

    Alternatively, of course, you have to sell your car on your main ID. Which equally isn’t exactly ideal.

  5. Can’t do that… the main id is registered to our Ltd company, and the car isn’t a company car, so it has to be on a private id…

  6. Or just sell it through autotrader or similar were you will achieve a much better price. Or place a classified advert.

  7. I dunno Whirly, when we sold our old Vectra we got quite a bit more for it than we expected – still it will sell anywayn this time round, so the point is academic for me. But the point about items for collection you would not want to accept Paypal for is still valid..

    Sue, I was quite looking forward to making 78 purple earrings… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  8. Hi everyone,

    There’s no requirement to use PayPal on any vehicle or local collection transaction. Even if you’re under 100 FB. Check out the terms and conditions and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.



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