eBay UK simplifying Checkout

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that they are changing Checkout, “to simplify and improve the buying process”. Integration with PayPal is to be improved, and “the issues our users were finding difficult, such as, postage method selection and postage & packaging discounts” are to be addressed. The new Checkout will be introduced gradually over the next three weeks.

I’m a bit intrigued by this. I’m not aware of any of the things eBay list as being problems actually being problems: what do you think? Are your buyers unable to select between second class and special delivery? I do get occasional glitches with the P&P amount, and that’s always entirely my own fault for having forgotten to tick the “apply my postage discounts” box in Turbo Lister. My buyers are pretty good at reminding me about this though 😆

And though of course anything that makes it easier for buyers to pay has to be a good thing, I can’t help thinking that what would really make eBay easier to use, would be a shopping cart.

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  1. EBay is an important public service and should not be used for profiteering

    oh my , why didn’t I realise that…. 🙄 🙄

    edit: ooops… should be in the strike post below….

  2. I still get many, many glitches with combined p&p overcharging buyers, despite religiously making sure that the appropriate box in TL is ticked when relisting.

    I am utterly fed up with the extra time it takes to process refunds and placate buyers who think I am trying to rip them off 🙄 👿

    I really hope that the problem truly will be fixed with the new changes – it has been an intermittent issue for over a year now.

  3. Anything that reduces the number of clicks is a good thing and on top of that the integration of PayPal into eBay’s checkout flow is a much improved step. I hate having to switch between sites when I am transacting.

  4. I’m also getting problems with postage discounts but I’m worried that this is just another way of trying to force people to use Paypal.

  5. I am with Gill
    on this one dont matter how or what I do
    buyers get the wrong postage ,or pay the wrong postage
    and then blame me

    I wish ebay would lower the amount of clicks it needs to sell ,never mind buy

  6. I’ve just made my first payment using this new system, and I LOVE it. There is no necessity to go to PayPal’s site; you sign in still on eBay, check your payment on eBay, and that’s it. Two clicks and that’s it. Much, MUCH better.


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