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Frooition shop design
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I have the first peek at my new Shop design from Frooition. I know what I think, but I’m very interested to hear what you think. Bear in mind that I sell glass beads, so the thumbnail gallery pictures are likely to be a multitude of different colours. If you want to see the current version, here it is. What do you think?

26 Responses

  1. Thumbs up except for the two rosettes in the top r/h corner.

    They look a bit tacky next to the style of the rest of the page.

    IMO of course πŸ˜€

  2. Nice, but I do like your original page that you did yourself as it’s “still ebay”, whereas the Froooition one looks more like a website.

  3. Blighty, it just goes to show it’s all down to taste (I probably haven’t got any!) But I actually really like the rosettes, I think it rams home that biddy is reputable, I think it adds trust. I like the lay out, it has a more “designed” feel but it’s not too fussy. The colours all work well, I like aqua/green colours though, prolly cos me names Jade init! It would be interesting to see it with various coloured beads in the thumbnails. The shop logo is lovely IMHO.

    I’d give it a 8/10 πŸ˜€

  4. nice but I expected to be wowed,

    nothing much exciting here, your self crafted shop was as good

  5. Are you all forgettign the ebay header that would appear above the shop?

    I prefer the new one. It looks professional and unlike 999 other sellers with the same template.

  6. I prefer your existing shop like others have said, particularly because it is tasteful, simple and elegant. The Frooition skinned up version strikes me as being too cluttered and ‘busy’. It also (as someone else pointed out) looks too much like an offsite website and might well confuse new buyers. So, in contrast to Biggles, not enough like other ‘eBay’ shop landing pages imo.

  7. I like it overall. All you bead logo is very sharp.

    Rosette’s I don’t like.

    Bet you don’t keep it though πŸ˜› in which case can you change everything to whirly’s and I’ll gladly have it.

  8. In Biddy’s case I agree North as she is a HTML wizard(show off πŸ™„ ) but an idiot like me would be happy to shell out for it

  9. ok for nowt , though I cant see how its cost is justified

    *Checks window to make sure hell hasn’t frozen over, as he agrees with North* πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  10. Also, looking at the design, I would expect most of the elements to be stock elements they have just taken off their shelf and neatly seamed together…

    nice job, but for the money I would expect something much less run of the mill to be honest.

  11. I’m gonna come out of hiding and say some things….

    1) I*really* love the updated logo, they’ve really done a fantastic job encompassing the best of Sue’s old design with a fresh new look. That’s probably worth £100 out of the total cost on it’s own!

    2) The center graphic I also like, whether it be stock images or totally new is beside the point so long as it’s unique to Sue. Great work and again worth paying for.

    3) It’s a great clean fresh look, not nearly as over heavy on background colours as many of their offerings. That makes the whole page look more inviting and is pretty damn good.

    Now for the bad stuff….

    4) Why have the PowerSeller and PayPal logos at the top. They are naff logos to start with and apart from anything else like not doing a lot to engender buyer trust (IMO), the PayPal logo is the OLD logo. A professional design outfit designing specifically for the eBay market really should keep with the times and have replaced that image a long time ago!

    5) In general… every frooition shop I’ve looked at over the last few days has screwed the eBay page header. Specifically the part that says “Hello, Chris (mountcomp). Sign out” is moved across to the center instead of tight to the eBay logo. The drop downs on the “Buy-Sell-My eBay-Community-Help buttons” don’t work, the font is changed and the position dropped from tight to the top of the page. At the bottom of the page the eBay official time is missing.

    6) Finally in their auction templates they insert a third party Frooition credit. Sadly the credit image is larger than the 88 x 33 pixels allowed. Again a company specialising in eBay templates should know this.

    Overall however I think they’ve done a pretty reasonable job, there’s nothing that I dislike that they can’t fix. If I was in the market for paying someone to do similar the cost wouldn’t be out of the question. I’d almost be willing to pay them to update my own shop if they’d limit their work to working within a standard eBay shop template rather than replacing the entire page.

    The BIG issue question for most sellers remains “Will it increase sales?”. I’m really looking forward to the reports on that.Ò€

  12. I would love it if it were for nowt, though if I paid £750 I would be feeling short changed

  13. Well that is the most important thing, that you love it Sue…

    and you are right, it is very pretty, but I like your own website design too…and that WAS a lot cheaper 😈

  14. well, yes, I meant the cost as if you were a normal person….

    which of course you are not, never have been, and most likely never will…. 😈

  15. oh and btw – although the origination cost was a lovely freebie (hmph,thinking back, if I remember rightly you got eBay chrissie lights too…. double humph) will you have to pay the continuing subscription fees?

  16. “Arguably, the Frooition one is cheaper, as I havenÒ€ℒt had to spend either time *or* money creating it :grin:”

    Aha see….. !!!! Arguably, it will cost you money! 😈



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