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eBay have started to email active accounts which pre-date the Business/Private seller account types introduced in 2006. eBay users are being advised that if they don’t confirm if they are a Business or Private seller by 30th April this year they will be unable to list further items for sale on eBay

Confirm eBay account type

The email goes on explain that laws vary according to if the seller is a private individual or operating as a business along with to opt for, buying to sell is the most clear cut criteria.

eBay stated earlier this year that they’ll be enforcing business registration on more sellers, normally if you’re trading in high volumes.

From 30th April it will be impossible to list on eBay without hanging your colours to the mast and declaring if you’re a business or a private individual. Hopefully in time buyers will come to recognise that businesses offer better terms and conditions which could in time be reflected in better prices and more sales.

6 Responses

  1. after nearly 10 years there is now some point to the powerseller program

  2. the snitches will be orgasmic dobbing in those that are in breach of the address regulations

    hope ebay are ready for the overload

  3. Snitches are the least of peoples worries…. think how easy it’ll be for the tax man in future 😉

    Ohh look they’re selling a lot, check their address, oh yeah, they’re paying a lot of tax, next…..

    Ohh look they’re selling a lot, last week they were a private seller but eBay just made em change to a business seller… here’s their address… wonder where their tax registration is??? 😯

  4. tax man has enough work to keep them at it already
    they dont need to find anymore,
    bit like the traffic police courts etc could not cope if they prosecuted everyone that broke the speed limit


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