Griff: Live! is definitely not finished

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Jim “Griff” GriffithAfter speculation earlier this week that this year’s eBay Live would be the last, Griff has confirmed that plans for next year’s event are already in place. Posting on the eBay Live Discussion Board, eBay’s original customer service rep said “This year’s eBay Live in Chicago will most definitely not be the last eBay Live. In fact, planning for future eBay Live events after Chicago (the locations of which are of course, top secret) is well under way.”

That being the case, Griff, can we start haggling over venues? I vote for London, Dublin or Paris 😉

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  1. I would be more likely to turn up to one in the states,
    there are far more wonderful attractions in EDINBURGH to visit than an ebay convention

  2. though why there is no ebay live uk / europe or similar
    is bemusing
    its something thats crying out to be done,

  3. Dan, I’m with you. I actually think this will be the last eBay Live and Griff will probably end up leaving with it.

    JD, wants a new eBay that is more business like. The person in charge of eBay Live has left the company and they have ceased holding eBay University classes.

    I’m sure Griff believes there will be more eBay Lives but its possible he spoke out on the Discussion boards of his own accord without running it by PR.

    Just my 12%

  4. never been to an ebay uni
    though I think the basic idea a good one
    my perception was that ebay unis rather than an education venue,
    was hijacked by the ebay groupies and keyboard warriors, and used as a club meeting venue

  5. North, I think that may be the impression you have got from reading eBay message boards, but in my experience it’s not like that.



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