Chris Isaak to play eBay Live gala

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eBay Radio has announced that Chris Isaak is to headline the eBay Live gala. For Mountie and everyone else saying “huh?” 😉 you’ve probably heard of Wicked Game and Blue Hotel, and you’ve also heard him if you’ve seen two of my favourite films ever, Blue Velvet and Wild At Heart. I absolutely adore Isaak so I’m very happy with this news.

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  1. A blast from the past.

    Blue Hotel & Wicked Game are both great songs.

    Seem to remember a Twin Peeks (must see TV) link. Am I wrong or is there a connection?

  2. He was also in Silence of the Lambs (spot him as a swat team member in the lift scenes towards the end) and played one of Phoebe’s boyfriends in Friends (the episode where Phoebe sings songs for schoolchildren about sexuality and farm animals).
    His best song by far is Can’t do a thing to stop me, but it was only a hit in my house so doesn’t count. 😆

  3. Hey! An obscure Cult actor / Singer crossover conversation! I’m offended I wasn’t sent for immediately!

    Chris HAS a twin peaks connection, having, as stated above, songs on the Blue Velvet & W.A.H. soundtracks, but he impressed Lynch so much in an informal chat that he was offered a role as one of the “special” agents ( Along with David Bowie & Kiefer Sutherland) who played an integral (if completely mental) part in the Twin Peaks prequel movie, “Fire walk with me” .

    While primarily remembered for his performance of “Wicked Game” on countless soundtracks, his version of “Dark Moon” from the soundtrack to “A perfect world” and the downright evil, guttural (& lets be honest here, sexy) “Baby Did a bad thing” from Eyes wide shut are his true stand-out performances.

    Mr Issak is currently turning in a performance in Bret Easton Ellis’ Hollywood exposé “The Informers” & enjoying living high off the royalties of “Wicked Game” , which , as well as being covered by JJ72, Girls Aloud and Australian Idol winner Damien Leith (who used to live next door to me in Kildare, has-been fans!) was recently a smash hit in many territories for the demento-metal band “HIM” .


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