LiveRamp: TikTok drives users straight to the big screen

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LiveRamp: TikTok drives users straight to the big screen

With the return of massive cinema hits to the big screens, studios are taking to TikTok to drive sales of cinema tickets. In order to solve the issue of lack of transparency between ad exposure to box-office sales, TikTok has partnered with data collaboration platform LiveRamp to enable movie studios to prove the total value of their marketing spend. As a first-of-its-kind study in the UK, LiveRamp analysed 12 film campaigns in the UK to explore the impact of TikTok ad campaigns in driving ticket sales. LiveRamp’s sales lift measurement analysis shows that 92% of film campaigns on TikTok saw a resulting increase in sales and customers.

This success has been driven by the 150 million-strong TikTok community in Europe, who can turn a cinematic release into a movement. From creative cosplay and style inspiration, to unfiltered film reviews and scene reinventions, TikTok has become the natural home for film fandom, connecting artists and filmmakers to fans around the world. As this new LiveRamp research shows, the studios that have leaned into TikTok and collaborated with the community have driven conversation and excitement that has lasted long beyond opening night, jumping from the big screen into people’s lives.

Using TikTok campaigns to drive instant impact

LiveRamp evaluated 12 theatrical releases throughout 2023 of varying genres and from varying studios for the meta analysis, finding that almost half (49%) of the users who bought a cinema ticket purchased it within a day of seeing a film advert on TikTok.

Almost a quarter (24%) of users who didn’t make it to the cinema within the first 24 hours retained interest and headed to the big screen within 48 hours of seeing a film advert on TikTok.

Overall, the real-world power of TikTok to inspire people to move directly from their phone screens to cinema screens is clear, with two-thirds (67%) of films seeing a double-digit customer lift due to campaign advertising on TikTok.

Using TikTok to reach new audiences

LiveRamp’s data analysis charting ad exposure to ticket purchase also found that TikTok is bringing a new audience to theatres in the UK. Films with TikTok campaigns led to an average new customer lift of 21% compared with those without.

The most successful film campaigns on TikTok are creating content native to the platform. Studios engage with the community and fans, allowing them to stitch and duet film clips, using creators to drive relevancy and endorsement and highlight the theatrical scale of each title through live moments with their stars on the red carpet. The LiveRamp study also found campaigns that overlapped with the release date of the film were most effective at driving an increase in customers.

Using TikTok to answer key measurement questions

By providing entertainment advertisers with LiveRamp’s rich, behavioural insights, TikTok is empowering them to demonstrate the strength of their campaigns and harness data to drive tangible business results for brands. Demonstrating impact and measuring the KPIs that drive sales of cinema tickets is crucial in an increasingly fragmented landscape facing the impending loss of third-party cookies and other signals. TikTok, as the home of advertising campaigns for the film industry, is showcasing just how powerful these ads can be.

LiveRamp’s ability to power comprehensive, sales lift measurement and analytics is just one of many solutions in TikTok’s toolkit to help marketers prove ROI and demonstrate their impact in driving the business. In an ever-evolving ad landscape, the partnership highlights the importance of innovative data collaboration to derive more value for advertisers.

Together we’re creating new ways for studios to uncover powerful customer insights and prove the value of their marketing efforts. Driving metrics such as customer lift and incrementality across revenue on ad spend (iROAS) and sales lift enables entertainment and movie advertisers to see precisely what their ad dollars achieve on TikTok. This partnership creates a new standard of measurement for any cinema release.

– Pierre-Andre Gautier, Head of Strategic Partnerships, LiveRamp

It’s amazing to see the real-life impact that TikTok can have when it comes to consumer choices outside of the platform. TikTok is the home of entertainment, and these results demonstrate the opportunity for film studios and entertainment advertisers to harness TikTok ads to drive more customers to the big screen.

– Charlotte Skornik, Head of Client Measurement UK, TikTok

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