Mark Lewis promises lower fees

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Mark Lewis speaking at the ChannelAdvisor conference in London today gave an insight into eBay’s plans for 2008.

He spoke of recent changes as having “A deal to strike” between eBay and sellers. In return for eBay bring confident buyers and providing sellers incentives and tools to list sellers would need to provide a great selection of products at a great price with fantastic service.

To achieve this he highlighted several areas:

Lower Insertion Fees

Mark really focused on this point – more pricing discounts are on the way. The goal is to get to the point where there is no reason you wouldn’t put all of your inventory on eBay. By Christmas 2008 there will be new tools and new pricing to grow fixed pricing listings on eBay.

Free Gallery

In the Q&A Mark was asked if Free Gallery would come to the UK. His answer was that eBay are constantly looking and trying different pricing plans, but Free Gallery (at least going by a staw poll in the room) would be very welcome. Expect to see Free Gallery, according to Mark on pricing changes and free gallery eBay are looking at “How best to roll them out”.

By Christmas there should be a higher focus on fixed price listings enabling sellers to list more or all of their inventory. Changes to tools and listing formats are expected, lower insertion fees and free gallery are on the road map for the future.

6 Responses

  1. I don’t wish to sound ungrateful 😀 but I’d really like to keep some element of insertion fee, albeit maybe lower, as the “disincentive to list tat”, as Rambo put it.

  2. Expect to see Free Gallery, according to Mark on pricing changes and free gallery eBay are looking at “How best to roll them out”.

    crikey !
    is this chap a politician

    the answers dead simple! just remove the fee and galleries
    what could be easier

  3. wow there are all kinds of fee related posts floating around today… ebay is probably trying to figure out how to maintain their revenue source without completely loosing its paying base.

    Of course, I think they have probably been trying to do that for years. Lower fees = better (only if they are actually a reduction and not a pseudo reduction like most of the time).

  4. this all sounds desperate.
    its clear that tens of thousands of products vanished from ebay since october 2006. Ebay are way too late to get this business back…
    lower listing fees yes , but free listing would be a disaster.
    trouble is , when you realise you have made a collosal mistake as ebay did , to mend it you are always going to be on the back foot ,, and with economic downturn a reality , ebay would do better just riding the storm with 18 months of dire results and plan ready for the upturn , not knee-jerk and ruin it some more.
    I said it once and I’ll say it again….. october 2006 was ebay’s biggest disaster , SIF lowest price first on searches ruined many businesses , more than they realise and was the start of problems ,,, in my humble opinion.

  5. with a $75billion profit for last year, why do they charge £5.00 if you are late paying your seller fees (without a reminder) – bank charges are deemed unfair, I say these are too.


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