'PayPal only' sends Ozzie sellers to eBay competitor

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OZtionOZtion, the second largest online auction site in Australia, has announced record growth in the two weeks since eBay Australia announced their new PayPal only payments policy.

OZtion’s listings have increased 22% to approximately 580,000 simultaneous listings. The site now has more than a quarter of a million members, with daily new registrations up 165% and new seller registrations up 300%.

Philip Druce, General Manager for OZtion commented “The fact that OZtion has seen significant growth across most metrics shows that Australians are looking for alternatives to eBay and will not be forced into only using PayPal. Our internal data shows that 79% of buyers prefer to pay by bank deposit.”

OZtion’s sellers must undergo an identity check process similar to that required to open a bank account. Druce comments: “Many online fraudulent activities are only possible because sites make it easy to create a fake identity. OZtion focuses on preventing fraud and has created a range of identity checks for both buyers and sellers, allowing Australians to shop online with confidence.”

OZtion was started in 2005 when Druce and co-founder Kelvin Yip to offer Australians an alternative auction site to eBay.

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  1. I’m reasonably certain that the eye in first ‘O’ moves, looks at you and follows you around the room.

    I keep scrolling up quickly to try and catch it out.

  2. Good on you Australia, stuff it up ’em, about time ebay got taken down a peg or two. :mrgreen:

  3. Every OZ buyer that has managed to find my stuff on eBay has paid with Paypal.

    Looks just like an eBay clone to me. Craigslist and gumtree show that cloning ebay is *not* the answer. Reminds me of that other one.. erm.. tiz something.. taz.. tazbore.. ah.. tazbar. Forgettable.

    Anyway… how the hell do you pronounce OZtion? No, dont bother answering. I have to go empty my paypal account from all the eBay sales tonight.

  4. TradeMe seems to be thriving in New Zealand, so maybe this more country centric approach works?

    Good luck to them, I’ll certainly be looking to advertise my service through them.

  5. You go for it my ozzie chums, show ebay you mean business! When oh when will someone open a viable alternative to ebay uk? I will be there like a ferret up a drainpipe i can tell you.
    go for it

  6. The real reason TradeMe is thriving in New Zealand (and to a lesser extent Australia) is that users can only operate ONE account. Also users are verified by a code sent to their registered address, coupled with phone and credit card or bank account details. Only users resident in NZ and Australia can use TradeMe, and all sellers must have a NZ bank account since that is the preferred method of payment. Fraud on TradeMe is extremely low and management are quick to suspend those accounts suspected of fraud or mismanagement; TradeMe also routinely work with NZ Police on any alleged criminal matters, and the Small Claims Court on civil disputes.

    eBay did enter the NZ market about the same time as TradeMe, but the market share of the latter is now around 95% and less than 1% for the former. TradeMe is now owned by FairFax Media, an Australian company.



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