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A glitch in eBay’s listing system has stopped sellers listing their items as available to Australia. Users in the TameBay forum as well as others on several eBay message boards have reported that when relisting items, they have tried to select “Australia” as one of the places they will ship to, they receive an error message telling them that they cannot offer their item in Australia unless they accept PayPal. All of these sellers do accept PayPal.

For new listings, the SYI form has greyed-out the Australia box to make it unclickable, whether or not the PayPal information is filled out.

eBay say that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix, though there doesn’t seem to be an estimated fix time. The only current work-around is to offer your items available to “worldwide”.

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  1. I think the whole area of shipping selections should be looked at.

    All I really want to do is to not include Africa as a ship to location. But in order to do that I have to exclude Australia and New Zealand, both big safe buying areas.

    I would like a specific “exclude by continent” as the very least eBay could do, and for NZ to be included somewhere other than by default in Worldwide.

  2. Totally agree with you Lynne: I’d also like eBay UK to offer Italy as one of the countries for which P&P can be specified individually – like France, Germany and Ireland.

  3. New Zealand a few years back use to be part of the shipping preferences called “Australasia” something I’d like to see brought back. The only way currently to include New Zealand is to specify “Worldwide”. This is due to the way eBay is organised, the New Zealand site doesn’t have it own domain, it’s a sub-domain off, whereas eBay Australia has it’s own domain

    If you’re relisting an item that had Australia in the shipping section it appears to be OK still, despite showing incorrectly, some goes for items listed from Turbo Lister but if you’ve done a recent update that might not be the case, for the moment I’m not updating TL until this is sorterd. None of this helps of course if you list items directly from the SYI form.

    As for when this will be fixed? Let’s face it eBay and fixing things is never fast, perhaps by Xmas, although what Xmas is anyone’s guess. 😆

    Another Richard (Not the Pink one)

  4. TL seems ok for Australia – even when fully updated as mine is.

    HOWEVER TL is not the most stable of entities. If I synch mine it goes to pot, and I can upload items from eBay (outside of synch) for relisting, but not for Sell Similar . Which if I want to rest something in the shop before relisting later is a pain. By not using Sell Similar I will lose the free relist if I upload and relist into the shop.

    So I am back to Worldwide for those.

  5. In addition to Italy, Spain really needs to be a separate shipping destination as well. The Italy and Spain marketplaces are just reaching critical mass and I am selling there more and more. They need to be treated like France, Germany and Ireland in the SYI form.

  6. So… it seems to me what we’re asking for here is flexibility to create our own groups of countries we’ll ship to, rather than picking from the rather strange default options which eBay gives.

  7. It’s certainly do-able in theory Lynne – personally I’d have it set as a global setting on each seller’s account, which could be overwritten on individual auctions if necessary. That way you’d have the convenience of just setting it once with the flexibility of being able to re-set it if you had an unusually heavy item or something.

    Whether it’s do-able in practice of course is another question…

  8. *sigh* We’ll just stick it on the wish list then…

    p.s. have we still got a wish list here? I’m sure we did at one time didn’t we? If not, we should start a new one….

  9. BUT if you goto home page in the normal way a person does {who is looking to buy something) select “BUY” tab on home page then click on any item listed to show your item’s description page .then on this item page scroll down to PAYMENT OPTIONS .look to the lower right just below the last payment option listed there is a link ” Learn about payment methods” select this link and please read the whole page and notice the part that says “For larger items, some sellers offer the option of paying for the item when it is picked up in person. You can also have items delivered to your nearest post office. Australia Post will take delivery of your payment and forward the seller the payment by money order. Sellers offering pay on pick up must do so in conjunction with PayPal.”

  10. We UK based sellers can’t sell Anything to Anywhere UNLESS we Offer PayPal!
    Has been that way since 14th of this month!


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