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It’s not often I use the “Send Money” tab in PayPal – as a I seller I receive more payments than I send. Today however I had to send a payment to a friend for some tickets they paid for and it gave me the opportunity to send a personal payment.

Personal payments are free (when made via eCheque or PayPal balance) so the entire amount will get paid into my friends account.

To send a personal payment through PayPal simply click the “Send Money” tab in PayPal and the click for personal payments. I then selected the “Personal Money Owed” option as most appropriate.

If you owe someone money and want to send it to them quickly and easily try PayPal personal payments. It’s free, easy and instant.

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  1. If you have grumpy friends like I do, be aware that they may have a strop when they are charged to withdraw amounts under £50 into their bank account.

    Tight northerners that they are!!!

  2. oi wadda ya mean tight norfeners
    when yer starving and cold, facing artic blasts and ravenous wild haggis ,25p can save your life,

  3. Being the receiver of the said funds, I have to say that the lack of fee deduction had passed me by! It seems that you could have got away with letting me pay the fee! But thanks anyway 🙂

    But this is a good shout though, I often balk at paying friends and family by paypal, because I don’t want them to be charged a fee, but now I know about this I can pay my debts off quicker… oh hang on a minute!

  4. I used this recently, but couldn’t see how to select between sending the balance, or uploading from the bank. Ending up sending as a e-cheque, which in turn led to my bank account being struck off, as I had (some years ago) removed the d/d instruction as a security measure. So be careful out there 😉

  5. #10 If you’re paying for an ebay item or web order you don’t have the option to select personal payment. It’s only if you use the ‘send money’ tab from within PayPal that you can select it. So not much opportunity for abuse.

  6. Right but what if asked a customer to send me a personal payment and I’d give them 1/2 the PayPal fee as a discount? Sure it won’t show up in the eBay system as being paid but all I have to do is remember who sent me money which each item. I have a hunch that if a seller has a good feedback score and the buyer has a PayPal balance that they would be inclined to do that.

  7. Not sure what you’re average transaction is but I think the average buyer wouldn’t consider 1.7% plus 10p with a more complicated payment flow compared to a simple click’n’pay with buyer protection. Plus most of them will have paid by the time you get to send them your offer.

    Not to mention the first to report you will probably lose you your PayPal account 😯

  8. Back in the early days (like ~2002) I had many buyers ask if they paid with a PayPal balance if I could give them a discount. That was back when most people weren’t aware that premiere accounts paid fees regardless of the payment type. I haven’t seen a request like that in over four years though.

  9. Whenever I want to send money to friends at home and abroad I use a bank transfer. It’s fast (often same day) and very secure, and best of all with my best banks it’s also FREE. Like any decent international eBay seller, I have numerous multi-currency accounts to handle overseas sales and purchases.

    If I choose PayPal, it could take days to arrive in their PayPal account – where they can’t spend it until it’s transferred to their linked bank account (another 7-14 days depending on their country). By contrast bank transfers are available immediately and usually if done correctly, no fees are charged.

  10. foreign bank transfers are a pain in the butt
    often taking a week or more
    especially from Germany which I find even more annoying as bank trasnsfer is the method of choice there


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