3: Three times as much Skype for free

3 Mobile have increased the free Skype calls on PAYG Skypephones as I discovered yesterday with my latest top up. Previously a £10 top up would get you a months free usage of Skype, but that has been increased to 90 days so I’m good to go until the middle of December.

I use the Skypephone as a secondary handset as I still have a Vodafone contract, but it’s invaluable for Skype calls/chats when out and about and a very cost effective way to access the Internet. Increasing the Skype cover to 90 days for each top up is a smart move and can only make the phone more attractive.

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increasing the coverage is the only thing that would attract me

northumbrian • 19th September 2008 •

Hi , i use my mobile phone contract and bt landline ,can you please explain the benifits of skypephone and is the call quality as good as former mentioned.

Mr Patel • 21st September 2008 •

Basically the Skypephone works like any other mobile phone. Even Skype is available on a lot of 3G mobile handsets but the Skypephone gives you access to Skype but not using your 3G data allowance - the calls really are free.... ...or at least Skype to Skype calls are free, but if I have a customer click the Skype button from one of my eBay listings my Skypephone rings and for that alone it's invaluable and has got me sales. I can use Skype without being at my PC

Chris Dawson • 21st September 2008 •