eBay tell buyers to get a full refund

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eBay have updated the Buyer Protection page with the advice that if your item “arrives significantly as described, then you can receive the full value of your purchase (including postage) back when you pay with PayPal”.

Personally I’ve always believed that if a buyer gets what they paid for and are happy with it, as a seller I should be allowed to keep their money. Hopefully eBay will update the page to read “arrives significantly NOT as described” before too many satisfied customers want their money back.

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  1. This might not be a typo. Perhaps paypal are jumping on the customer satisfaction bandwagon. Getting your goods for free would certainly help that along a bit ๐Ÿ™

  2. Yeah, unfortunately that is how it works with PayPal. Many times my buyers got exactly what I described and PayPal ruled in their favor anyway. I once lost a case because someone said the product wasn’t as high quality as another item they bought on eBay (which costed about twice as much).

    You claim this is a mistake but it could just be one of those unannounced rules. Kind of like the way your distance selling rules force accepting returns. Maybe they’ve rolled that out worldwide as an improvement on the buying experience.

  3. cant understand why ebay and paypal just dont make the matter plain and simple insisting on all items sold and paid for by paypal. by anyone,
    have a refund on return period what ever the reason

  4. Elton at eBay says: “we immediately spotted this typo…”. Um, no… immediately would have been when someone 1) Wrote it, 2) Someone else approved it 3) Or someone else programmed it. Not, after it went live.

  5. Gulp…………………Another large Scotch, to deduct from our ebay account balance, oh and my Heart Rate testing machine needs New batteries !!!!.

  6. GREAT NEWS!!! I am so tired of all the sellers getting so many breaks. It is about time that eBay and PayPal does something for the unsuspecting buyers.

  7. So the next time a buyer tries this – they can truthfully say that eBay told them it was okay since the item was NOT defective or broken as expected.

    At least they have changed the text, but eBay really should employ proof readers and writers on more than minimum wage.

  8. Paypal [and eBay to a certain extent] has always instilled policies that protect themselves before the customer. They have always sided with the scammer [both buying/selling]. We need to keep our fingers crossed and hope a new payment processing alternative does surface with all of the problems eBay has been going through. Maybe a big player, such as Amazon [https://www.amazon.com], or an up and comer, such as Wigix [https://www.wigix.com], will be able to provide a solution.

  9. Sorry but this is NOT true!! You do NOT get the postage refunded WHEN pay Pal tell you to RETURN the item which is SNAD!!! So the promise is as good as it gets on eBay, worth nothing!!!


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