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ChannelAdvisor are holding a webinar in conjunction with, focusing how third party sellers can take maximum advantage for Christmas sales via the Amazon Merchants@ online marketplace. The seminar will be hosted by’s William Cook and ChannelAdvisor’s Max Leisten, and held on Thursday, October 30th at 2pm.

The webinar will detail all aspects of trading on Amazon from registration and listing processes through to best practices and advanced selling strategies.

They have also published “10 Christmas Strategies for Winning on Amazon” which you can download for free.

If you’re not already selling on Amazon it’s time to take a serious look at the site. Amazon is growing rapidly (41% growth in Q2 2008) and the run up to Christmas is the perfect time to maximise sales across all ecommerce platforms.

8 Responses

  1. “Print your postage labels using Paypal postage”

    You must be mad !

    Print your own labels and use Royal Mail PPI and watch how much you save in a year, then send me a cheque for 10% of it and il be happy 😀

  2. @ # 1

    Weird thing… I can’t ship to Russia via the USPS website or Endicia but can through PayPal. Unfortunately I learned that last year about an hour after PayPal froze my account preventing me from shipping to one of my customer’s for 4 days.

  3. I hope the webinar runs better than today’s pixmania effort!

    I took time out to dial & log in today only to find that someone called Dan could not work his computer. The whole thing fell apart as he started to get the hump and called CA “unprofessional”

    I almost jumped in to defend CA when they decided to cancel the whole thing.

    Dan, get a new computer, operating system, browser or whatever, but please don’t get the hump with everyone else and waste my time again.

  4. Nick,
    sorry about the challenges with the webinar yesterday. We use WebEx for our screen sharing webinar functionality and sometimes certain IP’s have challenges connecting. Unfortunately everyone could hear the conversation and it was disappointing to everyone involved.
    What we will do is get Pixmania to record a webinar and provide it in the SSC so everyone can access it. Appreciate your feedback. 😀

  5. Hi Mark

    Ok, no worries but as far as I could tell it was working fine for everyone except the guy we could all hear moaning on the phone. I was therefore annoyed that it was cancelled for this reason. Maybe I am wrong on this?

    Look forward to the recording but I do find it hard to navigate the SSC. If you could post a link on here when it is done that would be great.

  6. Did anyone manage to join the webinar yesterday? I logged in but all I got a page of column headers for a list of events.

  7. Well I joined this webinar about a quarter of the way through.
    Nothing earth shattering and the usual Amazon complacency was very apparent as ever.
    One extremely entertaining moment that was priceless (wonder if this is still on the replay?) was when an unamed company in electronics area proceeded to describe how Amazon use their inside knowledge of the sales/prices of items offered and by whom to compete against merchants like them. Basically they closely monitor the top selling items in a given catagory then approach the suppliers and ask for reductions to match or lower prices, said merchant then lowers prices as well and then Amazon undercut again etc etc.
    This merchant said they had been closely monitoring prices in various categories and Amazon were doing this regularly and would they like to comment…..ha ha.
    Needless the say the online moderator/inquisitor got this question taken offline as fast as he could – well he would wouldn’t he!
    Needless to say you can imagine what this does to your profit margin in an already competive category.
    So those of you who do compete against Amazon need to be be aware – I’m sure you are already 🙂
    IMHO there is the argument that Amazon are using ‘privileged’ information to
    gain an unfair competitive advantage – I wonder if one of the big merchants will take them on – especially under EU legislation.


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