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A report out from Hitwise today reveals that UK buyers are increases their searches for 2nd hand goods online. They report searches containing the words “second hand” are up 22% on a year ago. Classified websites traffic is up 47% suggesting consumers are turning to the Internet to beat the credit crunch.

The most popular Internet searches in the 12 weeks up to 11th October are:
1. second hand cars
2. second hand books
3. second hand car prices
4. second hand furniture
5. second hand bikes

Traffic to Freecycle, the website where people can pass on their unwanted goods to others increased 35% in the last year. Gumtree is by far and away the most popular classified site in the UK with a 14.32% share of the market, it’s nearest comptitors are Vivastreet (5.66%) and Ad Trader (4.18%). 9th most popular classified site in the UK is Edinburgh Gumtree (2.53%) which is incredible as it’s just a part of the Gumtree site.

If classified ad sites (and especially the UK’s most popular – Gumtree) are not a part of your sales strategy it’s time they were. Tests have shown eBay sellers can achieve sales on classified sites, and often there are no fees to pay. If that’s where your buyers are you should be listing on classified sites too, regardless if your goods are second hand or new.

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  1. Thanks, Chris, for an interesting ( and useful, as ever!) post.
    Having moved from West London to the Lake District I know GUMTREE does not cover rural Cumbria (yet) but still an interesting proposal and I shall be using it soon. Will definitely be checking out the Edinburgh part as it is really just up the road from Cumbria

  2. Have to say that I’ve been very impressed with freecycle. It is obvious to me that many many people are on it and that from a local perspective schools, charities and associations as well as those on tighter budgets can really prosper from it.

    I have two stories to share, one of which I don’t recommend you repeat!

    (1) Two weeks ago I put some tatty, tired old IKEA shelves up on freecycle Watford. I attached 2 pics via flickr and within 2 minutes of posting I had 2 emails. I accepted the first offer as they could pick up the very next day but by the end of that Saturday I’d received a further 9 requests. That is quite some demand for a relatively small geographic.

    (2) About a year ago I bundled up a load of clothes and put them on freecycle for collection. Someone took up the offer and came round on a night that I was out. I told my wife to give them the black bin bag I’d placed in the kitchen. She promptly did that when they turned up only for me to get home and find out that the “buyer” had been given our week’s collection of refuse! One embarrassing call later, the swap was made. Thank god there is no feedback system on that site.

  3. #2 Don’t forget to check out London Gumtree as well – It’s about the busiest part of the site and many buyers don’t actually mind you shipping rather than them collecting. I know – I’ve done it 🙂

  4. 2
    Edinburgh is 100 miles or so from the northern edge of Cumbria

    Armed gangs of Rebel Sheep patrol the border hunting for wild Wellies

  5. Through a side interest of mine, I have noticed a vast increase in people looking for cheaper household items at the moment as well. It makes me wonder if eBays idea of Best Match is somewhat different to the buying publics idea of Best Match.

    With regards Freecycle, my other half is a group owner of two areas’ sites, and the variation of offers never cease to amaze me – decent furniture, fishtanks, and even older laptops and cars!

  6. I have had some luck with as well. It does the giveaway thing like Freecycle does, but you can also sell things.

  7. And for all us eBay sellers out there I’m sure theres plenty of free stock to be found on freecycle.



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