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eBay Most Popular Items

Although the eBay Most Popular Items tool can be used to research the most popular items on eBay by keyword search and listings which attract large numbers of sales are worth examining for tips to improve your own listings, the real benefit of this tool is for buyers.

If you’re about to bid on an auction enter the item number into the eBay Most Popular Items tool. This will reveal how many buyers are watching the item you want, which can then guide your bidding behaviour.

If there are few or no watchers you’ll know there’s not likely to be much competition on that particular listing but if there are a number of buyers watching be prepared for a bidding war. As well as checking how many bids the item has already attracted, the more watchers the item has the closer to the end time you should place your bid and be prepared to pay slightly more for the item than a similar product that has no watchers.

If you find two or more items suitable for your needs, consider placing your bid on the listing with the fewest watchers, you’ll probably win it for a lower price.



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