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How I learned to stop worrying and love eBay” – Archaeology has a superb piece about how eBay has discouraged the looting of archaeological sites by promoting the sale of great quality fakes:

Because the eBay phenomenon has substantially reduced total costs by eliminating middlemen, brick-and-mortar stores, high-priced dealers, and other marginal expenses, the local eBayers and craftsmen can make more money cranking out cheap fakes than they can by spending days or weeks digging around looking for the real thing.

Actinic’s Chris Barling has some advice on upselling on your website.

Brian Lawe, CEO of MyStoreCredit, thinks that Amazon should buy Twitter.

Om Malik thinks that Skype’s IPO could be towards the end of 2010, but the company needs to get their software onto more devices.

vzaar are launching an affiliate programme.

Craigslist, the classified ads site part-owned by eBay, is in trouble for selling ads for erotic services: Chicago officials called it the country’s “single largest source of prostitution”.

The Guardian has some interesting thoughts about the future of Royal Mail.

5 Responses

  1. So does this mean eBay is going to start cracking down on fake antiquities? I know when I’m paying for a real item I expect it to be authentic and eBay not cracking down on this erodes my confidence in the marketplace.

    Seems like they could:

    1) Ban all antiquities and anything a bot could mistake as an antiquity.
    2) Put the buyer first and crack down on counterfeits.
    3) Put themselves first and do nothing.

    Probably a lose-lose situation regardless of what they do.

  2. Re. Craiglist, if you google Gumtree (is that the UK equivalent in the UK?) one of the top breakouts is always “Casual Relationships”

    I didn’t find a motor for my petrol mower but I did discover that Cornwall is a veritable hotbed for transvestites and associated deviants, worse still my local fishing lake is more well known for dogging than the size of the carp..bizarre.

  3. Thanks for the tip Whirly. I’ll see you by the lake this evening. I’ll be in the red Astra.


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