Change your eBay returns address to your warehouse

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In the addresses section of your account information on eBay you can set your registration address, payment address and shipping addresses. A fourth address has just appeared which will be the return address your customers use when eBay implement their new Easy Returns procedure. This is due to go live on the 15th June at 6pm, at which time there will be a new entry at My eBay > My account > Site Preferences > Return Preferences.

If you’re like me and intending to quit work before 6pm next Monday log into your eBay accounts and change your main eBay returns address to your warehouse address, rather than your eBay registered address, today.

Edited to add The returns preferences are now live in eBay. All sellers have by default been opted in to use eBay’s Easy Returns option, but you can opt out should you wish.

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  1. Hmm Barry – that’s an interesting one. I have no idea what the answer is

    Pete, it’s at My eBay > My account > Site Preferences > Return Preferences

  2. I expect i am being thick but will the address show up to everyone?
    I mean i send an invoice now with a returns address but thats different to showing anyone who wants it your address.
    Would a PO box look worse a bit shady?
    As i am not i would rather have proper place of business if my address was on show.
    Am i making any sense at all?

  3. Hi Ria, if you’re a business then you should have no problem revealing your return address as you’re obliged to divulge your business address anyway (at least in the UK). The returns address should only show to buyers who have made a purchase though.

    Personally I detest PO boxes, they look dodgy as hell. Also don’t forget the vast majority of couriers can’t deliver to a PO box so it’s a really daft address to give for incoming parcels.

  4. Right Thanks, i did misunderstand i thought anyone checking out my items could find my address.
    I dont have problem with buyers having my returns address i print it with info for how to return anyway.
    It was just the idea of my address being there for all, online spam is bad enough!!
    I agree re Po Boxes hence i asked what anyone else thought
    Thanks again

  5. Right Thanks, i did misunderstand i thought anyone checking out my items could find my address.

    …Not this old chestnut again!…LOL I remember on the PS forum when the address issue was first announced.

  6. I want out of this programme. I might even change the address to “GO AWAY”

    I want damn difficult returns in the case of buyer remorse, not easy ones…



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